5 Health Benefits of Dental Cosmetic Contouring

28% of people don’t smile in pictures because they think their smile and their teeth are unattractive. This is unfortunate; smiling helps brighten your face, making you look more attractive.

While procedures such as dental implants are becoming popular, there are still ways to improve your smile if you’re still insecure. Dental contouring is one of them.

Instead of implanting fake teeth, a dentist reshapes or removes a part of your teeth, resulting in a more attractive shape.

Did you know dental contouring has additional benefits, other than improving your smile? If you’re considering dental cosmetic contouring, here are 5 benefits to know.

1. Smooths Out Your Teeth

Some people weren’t blessed with beautiful teeth genes. Even if don’t have crooked teeth, their teeth may be naturally pointy or have an odd shape to them.

While this may not result in anything dangerous, some tooth shape issues such as pointy teeth can make you at-risk for developing cavities and other dental health issues.

Cosmetic contouring can help smooth out your teeth for an even appearance, minimizing the risk of cavities or other dental ailments.

2. Removes Chips

Did a past fall result in a chipped tooth? Chipped teeth are unattractive but they can also lead to dental issues. Dental contouring will help fix the chipped tooth and will also strengthen the tooth, resulting in a healthier tooth.

3. Shorten Your Teeth

Some people naturally have long teeth. This isn’t dangerous but can make your smile look a little odd. Cosmetic contouring can reduce the length of your teeth.

Contouring will also even out your teeth, creating a more uniform appearance.

Since this might require a little bit of work, you should find a dentist who has expertise in dental contouring.

Before scheduling an appointment, read their services and see if they advertise dental contouring services, the way does.

4. Creates an Even Smile

Like longer teeth, some people are born with unnatural tooth lengths.

This can ruin a smile, making your smile look uneven and odd-looking. If your teeth are healthy, you don’t need implants. Contouring will even out your teeth, improving the look of your smile.

5. Reduce Overlapping

Overlapped teeth are a common dental issue.

Most dentists recommended braces or invisible retainers to even out the teeth. As long as nothing is shifting your teeth, you can fix overlapped teeth with a cosmetic treatment such as contouring.

Fixing overlapped teeth doesn’t only improve your smile but makes your teeth easier to clean. Plaque and bacteria can hide in the overlapped areas, increasing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Dental Cosmetic Contouring Isn’t the Only Way to Benefit Your Smile

Dental cosmetic contouring helps create an even and more attractive smile. It can file down your teeth, even out the appearance, fix chips, and even treat overlapped teeth.

Dental contouring also comes with benefits such as the decreased risk of dental ailments.

But dental cosmetic contouring isn’t the only way to benefit your smile. Do you have stains on your teeth? Whitening can improve the appearance of your smile.

Or, you can prevent tooth stains by following this guide.