5 Most Common Ways People Get Hurt At Work

Accidents can occur regardless of where you work.  Some are completely avoidable while others are just dumb luck.

Depending on your line of work, you may find that you’re exposed to more hazards in your industry.  The important thing is to take the right safety measures in order to avoid accidents whenever possible.

Here are some of the most common workplace injuries, and what you can do to avoid them.

Slips and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls can happen in any workplace.  It can occur as a result of liquid on the floor or even an object obstructing the walkway.  Most slips and falls are easily avoided by being aware of your surroundings and respecting the proper safety precautions.

Employees should immediately alert their employer of any potential hazards that they see in the work environment.  Your company should take action as soon as possible.

Back Strain

Manual work, in particular, can involve a considerable amount of pulling and pushing heavy loads.  Because of the intense strain on muscles and the spine, it’s common for workers to experience back injuries.

If you do have a manual job which requires lifting heavy objects, you should follow safety standards such as wearing a back brace or never lifting over a certain weight.


Burns are incredibly common in a variety of work environments.  It’s important to wear proper gear so that you can protect yourself around any dangerous substances or flames.

In addition to employees being cautious, employers should always post warning stickers and signs around dangerous areas and products.  

Vehicle Accidents

Professions that require employees to drive motor vehicles can lead to accidents.  If the driver gets distracted by anything that takes their eyes off the road, it can not only lead to injuries but even fatality.

It’s essential that if you do have a job which requires long hours of driving that you take your job seriously by never texting or looking away from the road. Usually, very simple safety precautions can make a world of difference.  Remember, you’re not just putting your own life at risk when you are a distracted driver, but you’re also risking others lives.

Repetitive Motion Injury

Employees who have to perform the same movements over and over throughout the day are likely to suffer an injury over time. In order to avoid getting hurt over time, you should adopt proper posture and positions.

It’s important to take a break every now and then to let your joints rest before repeating the action again.

If you do find yourself injured, you should see a physician immediately to determine whether you are fit to continue working.