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5 Natural Ways to Reduce Swelling in Your Feet

English researchers conducted a study suggesting that people work their way up to standing at least 4 hours each day. When you suffer from swollen feet, this can sound torturous.

A number of conditions can lead to edema in the lower extremities. Depending on the cause, you may be able to find natural ways to reduce swelling from home.

5 Tips for Reducing Foot Swelling Naturally

Foot swelling does not simply bump you up a shoe size or three. Inflammatory pain can create debilitating effects in our life.

Read on to learn 5 home remedies for foot swelling!

1. Get Active

You probably do not want to move around on your feet when they hurt. But, this can actually help ease your pain.

When you sit around, the blood tends to pool in your feet and not move around much, adding to the inflammation. If you get up and exercise, the fluids will flow back into circulation, reducing the swelling and taking your pain away.

If you work in a desk job, it may seem trickier to stay active. But, make it a point to walk to the water cooler or bathroom every hour and pace the room when you take phone calls.

2. Elevate Your Feet

You obviously will not walk around 24/7. So, during your downtime, keep your feet elevated to prevent more blood and fluids from pooling.

Keep a footstool at your desk to raise your swollen feet as you work. A home, prop pillows and make an effort to keep your feet above you hear. This will keep that fluid in circulation.

3. Hydrate

When your feet feel full of fluid, it may feel like drinking will only add more. But, this actually works on the contrary, as hydration is one of the best natural remedies for swelling.

When you get dehydrated, your kidneys will hold onto sodium, so you pee less and retain fluids. Properly hydrating with about 8 cups of water per day will prompt your kidneys to continue flushing fluids out of your body.

4. Soak Your Feet

Another natural cure for swollen feet is an Epsom salt foot soak. Epsom salts may help draw fluid out.

The bath itself will also play a part. Your muscles and joints will release tension in the warm water, which will help stop your body’s inflammatory process.

5. Take Magnesium

Magnesium deficiencies can lead to edema. So, make sure that you get enough in your diet.

You can simply take a daily magnesium supplement for this. Or, if you prefer the more natural approach, increase the magnesium in your diet.

Eat foods like avocado, nuts, seeds, beans, salmon, whole grains, and dark chocolate. Choosing these healthy options will help control your weight too, which also prevents inflammation. 

Use Natural Ways to Reduce Swelling

Before using medications that carry potential side effects, try natural ways to reduce swelling. These inflammation busters will not only make your feet feel better, but each of them promotes an overall healthier lifestyle.

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