5 Parking and Traffic Signs That You Must Know For Ensuring Road Safety While Driving

Driving your car on US roads is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors or an SUV trip for a weekend trip with your family and friends. Driving in this country is a great experience because the roads are smooth, wide, and the lanes let plenty of vehicles pass seamlessly. However, you need to brush up on the road traffic and parking signs for safe driving. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, a pedestrian is hit fatally by a car in America every two hours. Therefore, knowing more about the parking and traffic signs is extremely essential for your safety as well as for that of others commuting on the roads. Here are five parking and traffic signs you need to learn about for avoiding accidents: 

1. Stop signs 

As far as stop signs are concerned, they are the most viewed signs when it comes to road safety. The color and shape of these signs are important for pedestrians to understand and identify the same. The color red signifies danger and therefore, drivers should stop their vehicles when they see a big bold stop sign. 

You will find no other road signs that are so big and marked in red. It has been designed so that people realize the importance of this sign when it comes to traffic safety.

Stop signs warn drivers about intersections as well as other parts of a road, where they find oncoming traffic from the opposite direction or vehicles crossing directions. 

2. Parking signs for the sidewalk 

Cars or any other vehicles should not be parked fully or partially on sidewalks and verges. If you do so, it creates an obstacle and a threat to pedestrians, disabled people, and kids. When you see no parking symbol on sidewalks, do not park your vehicle. Doing so will mean hefty fines and even imprisonment. Park your car where you see clear parking signs, as these areas are designated for parking your vehicle. It is as simple as that. 

3. Yield signs 

These signs are the same as stop signs, however, used in perilous circumstances. Yield signs are usually found at traffic circles or passive cross streets to ensure the safe flow of traffic and letting drivers from various directions pass without any risks. 

4. School signs 

When it comes to school traffic signs, it means you need to stop your vehicle during the times and days specifically mentioned on signs adjacent to schools or signs close to schools. These signs warn drivers to stop their vehicles from parking close to or in front of a school building for ensuring the safety of children as well as parents.

5. No U-turn traffic signs 

There are some variations when it comes to no u-turn signs in the US. The curved arrow with a u-turn and the bold, red prohibition mark alerts drivers about the areas where they cannot change their vehicle directions in the opposite directions. 


Keep these parking and road traffic signs in mind when driving on US roads. These signs are easy to understand so that you can drive safely and ensure the safety of pedestrians as well.