Some Creative Places Where You Can Put Custom Vinyl Stickers

You thought of getting customized vinyl stickers for your business, and that’s a good call. But before you order these stickers in bulk, it is important to know their correct placements. If you place the stickers in an area where people can’t see, then your money got completely wasted. That’s the last thing you could have asked for. So, make sure to get in touch with the best places where you can put the custom vinyl stickers for maximum promotion. 

Now the placement of these stickers will vary based on the size and the targeted audience. If you have smaller stickers, then placing them at the front of the car is a good call. But, if you have some bigger versions of these vinyl stickers, then you must look for bigger boards or areas where you have heavy human traffic. People, while passing by, will check out your stickers and will quickly go through the message you want to portray. 

  • Office doors:

One of the most common and important areas to place your vinyl stickers is on the office doors outside. Whenever your potential clients or customers are ready to enter your store, the sticker will catch their attention first. If any big offer is going through or you have launched any new product in the market, make sure to add those messages on these stickers. Even the passers-by will take a look at the message and will be forced to enter your store.

  • Vehicle bumpers:

Vehicle bumpers are other spots, which will hold the vinyl stickers pretty well. If you are into the import or export business and own a fleet of the car as part of your business track, then be sure to get the stickers on vehicle bumpers. Whether your car is stuck in a traffic jam or parked in a parking lot, the drivers of the cars behind will take a look at the stickers. Make these stickers funny and meaningful to grab people’s attention.

  • Windows of your storefront:

Another interesting area to place customized stickers is on the windows of the storefront. Make sure to enlarge the size of the stickers, depending on your window’s size. Whether you want to cover the entire window at the side of the store or just a part of it, take proper measurements before ordering for bulk vinyl stickers. It is a good place to grab people’s attention passing by and end up with good brownie points!

  • Laptops, tablets, and other electronic gadgets:

If you provide your employees with laptops or tablets for office works at home or any other place, then try placing the customized vinyl stickers on these gadgets. Here, mostly the company’s logo shines the most. So, try to place those stickers on top of these electronic goods, and you will end up with the promotion your brand has been looking for.

So, go through these spots first, choose the area where you want to place the vinyl sticker, and then move forward with the ordering!