5 Quick & Easy Ways to Relieve Back Pain At Work

Back pain is the second world’s most common health issue that impacts workforce performance. Statistics show that almost eight out of ten people have faced this pain in life. This pain is often treated badly, as people neglect their state and continue working waiting for the pain to pass on itself. Without a relieve or some kind of treatment, back pain can easily become chronic, lasting more than three months. This type of pain will affect the quality of your life significantly, impacting cognitive functions, thinking, mood, and sleep.

Workers in offices are in the greatest danger, with eight-hour shifts of sitting and looking at the computer screen. Workers in big retail shops and factories are next to suffer the most, spending their working hours standing. With hectic work conditions, people tend to neglect their health, getting their lower back and spines into bad position for prolonged hours. The effect is familiar: sore back, neck, discomfort and pain in the long-term.

How to relieve the back pain during the work hours? How to prevent the horrible pain that lasts forever? Read our 5 quick and easy ways below:

1.      Assess Your Habits & Positioning

Manage your time and assess it analytically. Measure how much time you spend sitting / standing, moving, and in which position you spend your day. Next, analyze the results; it is almost 100% guaranteed that you don’t spend every minute of the working shift really working. You’ll notice how much time has passed of you doing nothing significant, yet staying in very unhealthy posture – slouched forward in a chair, looking at your phone with your head tilted forward, and not moving.

2.      Add Micro-Breaks

The core of the back pain problem is in not moving for the long time, and slouching more and more. With every hour spent sitting, your posture will be worse simply because you can’t stay in the healthy position for the spine and the lumbar disks. Make a small alarm reminder on your phone to notify you that is time to stand up from your desk, and take a small walk and stretch a bit. This break won’t last more than five minutes, but it will be very beneficial to stimulate the blood flow and ease the tension.

3.      Change The Way You Work

In the numerous hours behind the desk, lumbar discs endure a lot of pressure which leads to inflammations and pain. To relieve the pain, you should spend at least three periods of 15 minutes in a different position than your regular working position. If you’re sitting a lot, schedule three periods of your working shift to stand and do some work while standing. Adjust your working table if possible; if not, pile up some folders or boxes on it, and use it as such for at least 15 minutes. The stimulation of the blood flow and change of posture will affect your overall state, and it’s easy to do. Again, use your smartphone to create those reminders and stay on track.

4.      Use Ergonomic Equipment to Enhance Your Workplace

Technology is allowing us to reap the benefits of scientific studies and improve our work, health, and lives in general. The trend of ergonomic equipment has moved from the gyms and fitness facilities to our homes, workplaces and even cars. With the small addition to your environment such as an anti-fatigue mat, a rubber roller, a foam back support, or even Swiss exercise balls you’ll affect your health dramatically without even moving at all. These items provide support for your body, while simultaneously stimulate nerves, blood flow, right posture and relieve muscle tension.

5.      Be Active

Being active when you’re off work will raise your overall health to a higher level, which will provide a stronger foundation to the back. In other words, you’ll be more resistant to fatigue and back pain. It doesn’t have to be something too aggressive like bodybuilding; you can join sport groups and play your favorite sport, do aerobic exercise or anything that suits you. The important part is to do something you enjoy, and do it at least three times a week. Try to involve your core and stabilization muscles as much as possible, as those muscles are the most important in preserving the lower back health.

With these simple tricks, your back pain will disappear and never return. Be patient, smart and persistent to ensure the best health of your back during work hours. We wish you the best health!

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