5 Reasons Fat Transfer is Becoming the Go-To Body Sculpting Technique

Over time and as you grow; your body undergoes several changes some of which may require some bit of management. Weight gain is one of the physiological changes that tend to get out of control. However, with the current inventions, there is a technological solution to almost every human problem. Body contouring or sculpting is one of the most adopted medical procedures by most beauty queens. Buttock enhancement is just a facet of this procedure but it makes a considerable difference in enhancing body shape.

Fat is a major contributor when it comes to shaping the body especially for women who do not have a lot of muscles. Transferring fat from one part of the body to the other has turned out to be a popular procedure for achieving the desirable curves. This technique is commonly known as fat transfer or fat grafting. When such a procedure is carried out, it gives a boost to one’s physical appearance by contouring the body as desired. The following are reasons why fat transfer is becoming the most practiced body sculpting technique:

  • Benefits Twice

As opposed to other body-enhancing procedures, fat transfer brings a double benefit to the one who undergoes it. The reason for this conclusion is because it involves the transfer of fat from one body part to the other. This automatically means that to one part a slimming effect while to the other a filling effect. For instance, if fat is sucked from the waist, it slims. If the same fat is injected into the breasts or buttock, the customer achieves the desired fullness and figure. This means that the customer does not need to go through separate operations to get such results; fat transfer is all they need to get to shape.

  • Minimal Invasion

Every surgical and non-surgical procedures carried out in the body comes with its level of invasion. Fat transfer is believed to be a non-surgical procedure that achieves the desired results with minimal invasion. This is because the incisions used to harvest and inject the fat are relatively smaller in diameter. The fat is transferred by means of injections into the skin –sized cannulas. Recovery for most patients takes only a few days as opposed to some other procedures. This also means that other complications are less likely to occur since not much activity happens on the skin. It is usually advisable for one to indulge the services of a specialist.

  • Lasting Results

Fat transfer gives long lasting results since it involves the removal of fat cells from one part of the body. This means that the region from where the fat is extracted remains slim for a long while before the cells can reform for more fat to be stored. The additional fat cells transferred to the other body part then result in more fat storage in that part. This, therefore, eliminates the need for periodic injections which are usually done in other techniques. Consequently, the customer gets enough time to heal completely and have their skin rejuvenate.

  • Less Visible Scars

Unlike most body-contouring procedures, fat transfer does not result in conspicuously visible scarring. The small incisions used in the process to remove fat do not tamper much with the skin. After the healing process, a third party may not easily tell if the procedure was done unless they are informed of the same. This means once it is done, one does not need to go through any corrective procedures. Whatever piercings that are done on the skin heal and are covered up with time.

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  • Can Be Customized

With this kind of procedure, the customer is able to choose from where the fat should be extracted and also where it should be injected. The amount to be transferred is also determinable depending on the contours that the customer desires. This, therefore, means that dissatisfaction is rare since each step is done following the given instructions by the customer. This is as opposed to some high-tech body contouring procedures whereby the client is clueless about what is going on. It is most likely that some customer dissatisfaction will arise since the patient may not follow through the procedure.

There are numerous optional procedures that one can adapt to have their body contoured according to their desire. However, one has to carefully consider the safety and appropriateness of each option before signing up for the same. For the above-mentioned reasons, fat transfer has emerged to be one of the frequently practiced bodies sculpting technique.