5 Things to Consider While Using CPAP Machines

Are you suffering from sleep apnea? Or struggle to breathe properly due to some chronic medical condition? 

Then, your physician must have suggested Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. This therapy prevents episodes of airway collapse that block breathing in people with obstructive breathing problems.

For this therapy, special CPAP tubing machines are used. To assist you in breathing while you sleep, a CPAP machine uses a hose connected to a mask or nosepiece to provide constant air pressure. 

However, using the right CPAP machines is essential for the best results. The wrong CPAP tubing or mask can cause leaky masks, difficulty falling asleep, a stuffy nose, and a dry mouth. 

However, you have other options, like BiPAP machines, if a CPAP mask or machine does not work for you. But we will discuss this later; first, see how you can use your CPAP machine. 

Tips to Use CPAP Machines 

1. Focus on the mask size

Most masks are available in various sizes. You may not always be the same size in different masks just because you are a given size in one. Most CPAP masks can be adjusted. 

To get the optimal fit, ask your physician or CPAP provider to demonstrate how to adjust your mask. You can also get instructions from the product manufacturer to help you do this. A mask that fits properly shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable.

2. Start slow

Start using the CPAP mask for brief periods while awake, like watching TV. Then, while you are awake during the day, try donning the mask and hose while using the machine. 

Eventually, use the CPAP machine every time you sleep, including during naps, as soon as you get used to how that feels. If you use it occasionally, it could take longer to get used to the CPAP machine. So, use the CPAP tubs as much as possible without feeling uncomfortable. 

3. Preventions for dry and stuffy nose 

Make sure your mask fits comfortably. Your nose may become dry from a leaking mask. In addition, the mask does not fit properly if you frequently tighten the straps to stop air leaking. 

A CPAP machine with a heated humidifier connected to the air pressure machine may be useful. The level of humidification can be changed. A dry, stuffy nose can also be relieved by using a nasal saline spray just before night.

4. Ease of sleep

It might be easier to fall asleep at night if you wear the mask for a while during the day to get used to how it feels. 

You could feel more at peace in bed if the machine has a ramp option that gradually raises the air pressure. 

It also helps to have healthy sleep habits in general—regular exercise and avoiding caffeine and alcohol before bed.

5. Prevent dry mouth

Some CPAP devices can worsen dry mouth if you sleep with your mouth open or breathe through your mouth at night. If you’re using a nasal mask, a chin strap could assist with keeping your lips shut and lessen air leakage. 

You might also succeed in using a device with a full-face mask covering your mouth and nose. Another possible aid is a humidifier that connects to the air pressure unit and is heated by CPAP.

The Best Breathing Machines: BiPAP Machines 

A BPAP is a type of non-invasive ventilation (NIV) therapy used to help people breathe. 

BPAP machines can be utilized in hospitals and at home. Home BPAP devices are small, around the size of a toaster. A tube links the machine to a mask to help you breathe through your nose and mouth. 

BPAP devices employ pressure to force air into your lungs. Depending on the settings, this expands the lungs, increasing blood oxygen levels and decreasing carbon dioxide. 

These devices are referred to as “bilevel” because they have two different air pressure settings: 

  • When you inhale, this device increases the air pressure in your lungs. This is often referred to as inspiratory positive airway pressure.
  • When you exhale, the machine lowers the air pressure. This is referred to as expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP).

There you go, people! You can now select the best breathing machine and easily use it to get a comfortable sleep.