5 Tips for Staying Safe in a Volatile Environment

Although there are inherent risks virtually everywhere, some areas are naturally more volatile than others. Volatile areas are those that change from peaceful to violent in a fleeting-like manner. In these areas, you could be making merry one moment, and get robbed the next one. Notwithstanding, you need to stay safe in such environments. Agreeably, crime and violence should not be tolerated. Howbeit, you can take a few ingenious precautions to ensure you remain safe despite living or working in a volatile environment. This article highlights three effective ways of staying safe in a volatile environment which include:

  • Refrain from flaunting

The key to staying safe in a turbulent environment entails being conscious of the state at all times. Remember that though it be peaceful and seemingly safe, things can take a turn for the worse at any time. Hence, never flaunt. Be it your cherished body, prized possessions, or opinions regarding religion, race, or anything for that matter, refrain from any urges to exhibit either opinion or possession freely. What you may consider cheap might be so expensive in the eyes of another person. Additionally, a number of people take advantage of the volatility of their surroundings to commit heinous acts. It is therefore prudent not to give such uncivilised people an opportunity to exploit.

  • Always be prepared

Although you may do everything in your absolute power to avoid provoking people within your surrounding to violence, there are some unavoidable circumstances. Examples are robberies, bullies, and being harassed by drunks. Due to these reasons, it is advisable that you be prepared to protect yourself. Thankfully, you can harm yourself legally, as long as what you are using is not a firearm. We recommend having either a stun gun or a taser at all times when you’re in a volatile environment. Do not be ridden with questions concerning this as a number of FAQs sections, like beststungun.com, will answer any questions you might have, be they where to get them or how to use them. Once you get accustomed to these devices, you will find them almost impossible to part with. You can use them in extreme cases, to protect yourself from violence. Their ease of use makes them handy for instances when you have a very short time to react. Note that you will need to be keen so that you use your stun gun or taser only when necessary.  

  • Be respectful, sensible, and reasonable

Here’s where most people get it wrong and end up falling victims to violence in volatile environments. Ensure you remain respectful as you interact with other people. Have an open mind and be absolutely sensible and reasonable at all times. Foremost, be watchful of your alcohol consumption as it helps you to remain clear-headed and mindful or your actions. Secondly, respect other people’s beliefs and opinions. We are all different. Do not consider your way the best way, or the right way. Sensibly listen to other people and respect their way of life. Lastly, respect any rules and the authority that is in place to enforce the rules.