5 Tips to Finding the Right E-Scooter

Electric scooters have become very popular nowadays. This is because they are more convenient than cars and motorbikes. With a scooter, you don’t have to worry about being caught in the middle of heavy traffic. Due to its sleek design, it can easily maneuver through traffic.  Some people that work for big companies use scooters to move around their workstations. Parking is also not a problem because a scooter requires just a small space. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

Scooters don’t pose any threat to the environment because they are not powered by oil. Besides that, it moves smoothly on any flat surface without making any noise. Finding the best e-scooter should be everyone’s cup of coffee. But that’s only an illusion. With so many scooters in the market, it’s not easy to identify the right model especially when you don’t know the things that you should look for. Below are tips that should guide you when selecting a scooter.

  1. Speed      

The speed of a scooter is what determines how fast you can move from one place to another. Most scooters feature a speed of between 7mph and 15mph. If you are buying the scooter for a child, it’s recommended you select the one with a modest speed to ensure that the little one doesn’t get into trouble due to overspeeding. But if you are buying it for a grownup, you can opt for a model with the highest speed because it will enable you reach your destination much faster.

  1. Weight Limit

When hunting for a scooter, you should narrow down your search to a model that can support your weight. This is because an e-scooter can’t be efficient when it’s overloaded. In fact, it will wear out much faster because it’s being forced to carry a load that’s beyond the weight capacity that’s specified by the manufacturer. When using weight as criteria for selecting the best scooter, you should factor in the weight of the rider and the things that he normally carries such as a backpack bag. Ideally, you should pick a scooter that’s designed to support a weight of between 120lbs and 225lbs. You should also select a scooter with large wheels because it will be able to withstand excess weight than a model that comes with small wheels. In fact, big wheels give a scooter a firm grip over the track.

  1. Distance

This one is definitely a no brainer. If you want to be going for longer journeys, you just have to select a scooter that’s tailored for such long distances. The distance that can be covered by a scooter is determined by it’s battery. This is because it’s the battery that keeps the motor of the scooter running. If you therefore select a scooter with a short battery life, you will not be able to go further without having to recharge. A longer battery life guarantees that you will not come to a halt before you reach your destination. Besides that, a scooter that’s designed for long journeys will have a much higher weight capacity. A scooter that supports less weight will move at the speed of a tortoise when loaded to the maximum.

  1. Cost

You should be guided by a budget when buying a scooter. This is because there are cheap models and those that cost an arm and a leg. However, you can still get a functional scooter without having to rob a bank. Generally the price of a scooter is determined by its features. A scooter that supports more weight, will definitely give you a run for your money. Similarly, an e-scooter that can only go for a short distance will cost less than another that can go for a long distance. There is no need of buying a scooter that is meant for long rides when you only need to cover a short distance.

  1. Select from Best Reviewed E-scooters

If you have never bought a scooter before, it’s advisable you pick a model from the best reviewed e-scooters. By doing so, you will be banking on the experiences of other people that have probably tried different brands and models. The advantage of picking from a top rated category is that they have an abundance of features. Most of them even offer a limited period warranty.