6 Easy Tips For Gaining Weight & Building Muscle

Often, when we talk about fitness and getting in shape, we are talking about losing weight. Sometimes, this is not necessary as an individual may be more interested in gaining weight instead of losing it, especially to help build muscle.

If you fall into this category, here are six of the easiest tips for gaining weight and building muscle:

1. Increase Your Calories

Increasing calories is simple. You can improve your calories without burning them off will help you gain weight. It can be as simple as eating more food during the day or consuming higher-calorie foods each day. If you are unable to increase your calories by food intake, consider a weight gainer products such as shake or supplement, which is high in calories, carbohydrates, and protein. It will help you gain weight quickly and easily.

2. Increase Your Protein

If you need to gain weight for building muscle, you need to increase your protein intake. Use supplements such as powders and shakes to add protein to your diet quickly. Choose protein-rich foods such as poultry, eggs, and dairy instead of fried or processed foods whenever possible.

3. Add Carbohydrates

Adding carbs to your diet, especially before or after a workout, is a great way to add calories and build muscle. Remember that our bodies use carbohydrates for fuel. With this, make sure to choose complex carbohydrates whenever possible over the processed white- bread or pasta which is mostly sugar and does not help with muscle building.

4. Keep a Food Diary

Keep a food diary, so you know what you are eating exactly each day. These days, there are many apps for our phones or tablets that make keeping track of our food simple. By knowing what you have eaten precisely, you will know when you need to scale up (or scale down) your daily calories to have the effect you need.

5. Limit Your Cardio

There is no point in adding all these calories to your diet if you are just going to run them all off each day. Instead of hitting the gym to do cardio, you’re going to want to do exercises that will help you gain more muscle. Weight-bearing exercises, lifts, and squats are going to have a more significant impact on your muscles if that is your goal.

6. Rest

Let your muscles rest between sets, and don’t do the same exercise two days in a row. By giving your muscles a break, plus adding calories and protein to your diet, you are going to break down and build bigger muscles in their place, so this recovery period is vital for gains. Sleep is also incredibly important, our bodies repair themselves while we are at rest, so ensure you are getting enough sleep to stay healthy and strong.

If you are looking to gain weight to build bigger and stronger muscles, you will need to increase your calorie and protein intake. You can easily do this through your diet or by adding supplements. Keep track of what you are eating so that if you need to adjust, you will know where to make those adjustments. Also, changing your exercise routine to ensure gains and getting adequate rest are important for building new muscles and looking your best.