5 Tricks For Staying Fit While Traveling

If you’re taking a vacation, traveling for business, or spending weeks on the road, it’s easy to let your fitness goals slip while away from home. It’s often more convenient to eat out, reach for sugary snacks, and remain sedentary. However, you won’t feel your best when ignoring your fitness routine.

Small changes in your routine can keep you moving and feeling healthy throughout the entire trip. And when you return home, you can jump right back into your fitness or weight loss regimen without losing progress. This guide will break down some simple ways that you can stay more fit during your travels.

Walk when you can

Public transportation is constantly available when traveling in cities. However, taking opportunities to walk can keep you active throughout the day. Leave early to walk to your meeting or plan time in your itinerary to walk to various attractions.

Even small choices like taking the stairs can make a difference. While there will be times when taking a taxi or train will be the best option, be mindful of times when you can reach your destination on foot.

Cook your own meals

While enjoying the local cuisine is a key part of any trip, eating out for each meal can take a toll on your fitness goals and wallet. So, try buying groceries and cooking some of your meals. This can be tricky in a hotel, but most vacation rentals have fully functional kitchens.

Make cooking a part of your adventure by sampling local ingredients from the market and asking locals for their favorite recipes. If you are traveling with a group, take turns preparing meals, so cooking won’t feel like a chore. 

Plan active outings

If you’re traveling for fun, be sure to plan some activities to get you moving. Whether you are parasailing near West Palm Beach or hiking in Los Angeles, you can likely find an active opportunity at any location. Some travelers might prefer to book through an outdoor company, embarking on a guided trip or tour. Others might want to rent a bike and check out the local trails.

Just remember that getting active on vacation should be fun. And if you are traveling for business, see if you have time in your itinerary to sign up for a surfing class or to take a job through the city.

Squeeze in a hotel room workout

When in doubt, sneak a short hotel workout into your day. Some hotels have gyms, so don’t hesitate to hop on the treadmill in the morning. Otherwise, pack your workout clothes and try a 20-minute circuit workout.

This type of exercise won’t interfere with your daily schedule or require equipment, so it can be ideal for anyone traveling for business or just for a few days. Once you’re done, you can shower and go on with your day. 

Get plenty of sleep 

You likely want to get the most out of every waking moment of your travels. However, staying up late and overexerting yourself will only leave you drained. You may be more likely to crave sugary snacks when you’re tired. So be sure to get plenty of sleep at night and take time to rest during the day. When you’re recharged, you can get active and make more intentional food choices.

Staying fit doesn’t need to feel like a chore while you are traveling. By planning your activities accordingly and making more thoughtful choices when possible, you can have fun and stick with your fitness goals. And over time, you will learn which fitness hacks work for you and how you can push your own wellness boundaries.