5 Ways to Care for Your Parents in their Old Age

It can be difficult to realize that the parents who once took great care of you now need your support. Somehow, many people go through a process of denial or receive inadequate care at this stage.

Most times, those who have ageing parents may not be able to give their parents the full attention they need at this point due to their own responsibilities.  Thus they begin to think of other means to take care for them.

Sometimes, they reject the realities they have to deal with, and the corresponding decisions that need to be made. Here are few ways to care for your parents in their old age.

Make your decision

Most people have come to fear leaving their parents at home alone with house helps; with most of their parents not opting for this option either. However, the best alternative is to invest in home health care.

It ensures that your parents are taken good care of and also you will remain a reassuring presence in their lives. It also allows them to hold on to close relationships they value with their friends.

Look at the available services

You most likely have responsibilities such as work, as well as children to care for. In addition, your parents might still be quite active. They may need a helping hand here or there. This can make you feel overwhelmed.

You can work with your service providers to choose the best possible option. Your parents may need help with only a few things, or they may want to visit their friends from time to time. These are services that many geriatric care providers have.

Take time to sit down with them. Assess all the possible ways in which they can assist you. Their services are always thought through, and are designed to anticipate all the needs your parent may have.

Use only qualified health givers

In some cases, you may have a parent who is not strong enough to carry out their daily household duties. Most health care providers offer general cleaning services. They can maintain your parent’s room, or the entire house.

In a case where your parent is quite weak, there are options that extend as far as providing them with personal care. Home health care providers employ qualified persons who can feed your parents, and even bath them. The aides are well-trained and are able to care for your parents professionally. They also impart a sense of dignity and respect into their work.

Plan for recovery outside hospital

Many people feel unable to properly care for their parents when they leave hospital after treatment. The older your parents get, the more time they need for recovery, whether this is after an illness or an accident. This is a core component of the services that most health care providers offer.

They are able to note and attend to all the necessary dietary requirements your parents have. They also look after their medical welfare. If there are any medicines your parents are still talking, they will ensure this is done correctly, and at the right time.


It is wise to have a conversation with your parents before you make a decision. It is their health which is of concern. Make them aware that you are thinking through several options.

Ensure that they understand the benefits of having health care givers to attend to them at home. Remember that this is a transition period for them as well. Speak honestly to them about their situation and take note of their views.