6 Excellent Physical Therapy Tips to Help You Get More Out of PT Sessions

Sustaining an injury is scary. If you’ve ever been in a car accident or had a major fall, you may have gone through physical therapy. There you learned physical therapy tips designed to help your body heal from the injuries.

Treating an injury most-likely only requires a limited number of visits. Whereas, medical conditions could require lifelong treatments. For this reason, a therapist will train the patient in techniques they can do on their own between visits.

Have you been injured or diagnosed with a debilitating disease? Keep reading for physical therapy advice to help you get more out of your sessions. 

1. Be Detailed About Your Injury

On your first visit to the therapist, whether it’s physical or physio, you need to be open and honest about your injury and levels of discomfort. The therapist’s plan for your therapy will be based on that information.

If you withhold information on pain levels and how the injury occurred, the plan created for you could cause more harm.

2. Follow Physical Therapy Tips

Once the therapist assesses your situation they will provide a plan of action along with strong physical therapy advice. It is important for you to follow the plan and utilize the advice you’re provided.

There may be information you do not fully understand as you’re engaging in your exercises. Delay those exercises until you can contact the therapist for clarification. 

3. Attend Every Appointment

As you begin to feel better the urge to skip physical therapy appointments will grow. No matter how well things are going, keep your appointments. This is the time for you to share your progress and receive additional physical therapy tips of the day.  

4. Join a Fitness Center

A big part of your off-site therapy may involve therapeutic exercises that require specialized equipment you do not own. Joining a fitness center is an economical way to follow your treatment plan outside of scheduled appointments.

There is a list of classes you can take that are led by trained fitness staff.

5. Keep a Journal

To keep up with your progress and keep the therapist up-to-date on your progress, buy a journal. This way you’ll have data readily available. You can also notate questions and your successes.

A journal is also a good place to jot down physical therapy tips.  

6. Share Concerns with Your Therapist

The plan of action for your therapy may hit a snag, or you’re not receiving the benefits you expected. Share your concerns with the therapist about new pain or symptoms. He can walk you through the techniques and point out things you may be doing incorrectly.

If that isn’t the problem, an exercise could be changed.

Getting Back to Normal

These physical therapy tips are the start of your road to recovery. Pay close attention to your physical and physiotherapist. They are trained in what they do and are there to help you. 

If you found these tips useful you’re in the right place. Follow our health and fitness section for more great content.