7 Effective Ways to Start a Fitness Journey on Instagram

How far are you with your new year’s resolution of getting fit? If you are still hopping around, then you are lacking one key ingredient; motivation. You can get this from your local gym or joining a training team or you can draw the same from sharing your fitness activities with your followers on Instagram. They will cheer you up by liking your photos and pushing you to achieve more and even give you suggestions. You first need to start by creating an account and attracting some followers, the website Instapple.com says.

Open an Account

If you already have an account, you can transform it for this particular purpose, if you don’t have one yet, then create one specifically for this purpose. Focus on curating an account for this particular purpose so that you can get maximum engagement from the right audience. Your audience will mostly be other individuals trying to be fit and professionals in this field. You may try to get more audience by choosing a growth tools for Instagram. For instance, you may go through Social Boost and read the Social Boost review to understand their service for Instagram. If you find it helpful may think about it otherwise look for an alternative tool.

Create an Attractive Bio

A good bio will attract the right audience. Take some time to set a good bio with a good profile picture. The picture should be clear and if possible, showing you in action. Have a logo that communicates the purpose of your account. Provide information on your profile that tells your audience what you do. Your bio is your first impression and first impressions count.

Keep Your Account Public

You have to keep your account public to connect with other fitness enthusiasts. You get an opportunity to connect with not only your existing followers, but also with other people interested in health and fitness. Your profile can be seen on other users feeds and hashtag groups. People love it when they are able to check out your profile without you having to approve. So, keep it open to connect with as many other users as possible.

Post Pictures and Videos

Take pictures and videos at the gym and other places you will be exercising and post them on your account. Once you start this journey, your fans want to see your progress and tell you whether you are doing a good job or not. Consider your safety first when taking these photos and videos. You can ask your training partner or your instructor to take this content at different angles to showcase your progress. Try and post as often as possible and at a particular time so that your fans can anticipate and follow your progress.

Use Hashtags

There are so many fitness hashtags that you can use with your posts on your profile. In order to grow your audience, to get more motivation, support, and suggestions. Take your time and search for popular tags then use those tags with your posts. The tags help you expose your profile to other people not on your followers’ list. You never know where more inspiration will come from, so try and expose your content as much as you can.

Use Live Videos

You will have a closer connection with your followers when you use live videos. These videos show you in action and are usually pinned on top of your followers’ feeds. Your followers can interact with you better, ask questions, give suggestions and push you on. Your fans will be in a position to see your form, and the extent to which you can push yourself and comment on this. If you are doing any exercise with bad form, they will make sure they point it out and tell you what you should do. Be easy on your viewers and try and relate with them positively.

Put Up Before and After Images

Don’t just wait till you have that amazing body to start posting. Post pictures when you still have that fat and when your muscles are yet to be defined. Let your followers see where you started from and your growth path. People consider you more human and real when you show them that it takes time, persistence and hard work to get that great looking body. Let them see that they can also start where they are and work towards getting their desired bodies.