7 Fashion Items to Always Have Professionally Altered

7 Fashion Items to Always Have Professionally Altered

Nothing pains the soul quite like happening upon the perfect garment online or in a store…and then trying it on to realize that it doesn’t fit. However, this doesn’t mean that the item has to go back on the rack. You can have it altered to fit you. In fact, some types of clothing are always better with a custom fit.

Vintage Pieces

Finding a gorgeous vintage piece in wearable condition feels like a victory to the fashion obsessed, and those who know fashion will know that the odds of a vintage item fitting perfectly are minimal. If it wasn’t custom-made to begin with, it has likely been altered by previous owners. When you thrift with the knowledge that alteration is just part of the process, countless fashion avenues will open up for you.


If you are a woman, you will know all about the struggles of finding a blouse that doesn’t gape around the buttons or feel tight in some areas while being oversized in others. Button-down shirts just aren’t made with the curves of the female figure in mind. Some quick tailoring can fix those problems in no time.

Flared Pants

Everything old is new again, and with the rise of Generation Z comes a resurgence in Millennial-era flared and wide-leg pants. These styles can be extremely flattering, but the extra fabric on the bottom is prone to getting wet, worn, or torn. Prevent these issues with a customized hem.

Classic Jeans

Along similar lines, jeans in general can benefit from tailoring. If you are the type to invest in high-quality jeans, you will get the most out of them by getting a custom fit from tailoring specialists. A perfect fit takes jeans from casual staple to true fashion piece.

Discounted Wedding Dresses

No one will be surprised by the notion that wedding dresses often need to be altered. What might surprise you is that alterations can actually save you a great deal of money. When looking for your dream dress, don’t ignore the racks of discounted last-season dresses in uncommon sizes. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a dress on clearance and have it altered than to only shop with an eye on your exact size.

Heirloom Wedding Dresses

The idea of wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s gown on your own special day is lovely, but the dress itself might not be your cup of tea. Talented tailors are able to make tasteful contemporary updates to heirloom gowns without losing what makes them special to you and your family.

Party Dresses

This tip is for the perennially worn dresses that aren’t vintage yet but already feel like personal classics to their owners. If you have an old favorite dress that no longer fits perfectly or suits your current preferences exactly, have it altered instead of buying something new.

When you know that you can have anything altered to fit your figure and style, you will be smarter and more intentional about your purchases. There is a reason that a good tailor is the style secret of many fashion icons! A custom fit is the final step in building a classic wardrobe that will never go out of style.