5 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for Someone with Mobility Issues

When it comes to wedding dress shopping, everyone is different. Some people love the idea of trying on gown after gown until they find the perfect one. Other people would rather see a few dresses and pick the one they like best. If you have mobility issues, either due to an injury or disability, choosing a wedding dress can be more difficult than usual. Here are some tips to help make the process easier for you.

1- Consider a Dress with a Detachable Skirt if You Have Walking Difficulties

One of the best parts about buying a wedding dress is choosing whatever style you want, but having too many options can be stressful! If you can’t walk well or need help standing for long periods, consider choosing a dress with a detachable skirt. Then, when it’s time to go home, take off the skirt and put on some pants. You may also be able to have someone else walk around with you if they hold onto the skirt.

2- Go For a Dress with a Long Train if You Have Leg Problems

If you don’t have good balance or problems with your legs, choose a dress that has a long train. While trains are usually only attached to ball gowns because of their volume to the skirt, this style can be beneficial if you’re having trouble walking. If possible, try hard not to fall while you’re wearing the gown, but if that’s not possible, having something to hold onto could mean the difference between tearing off the train or tripping over it.

3- Choose a Dress That Won’t Get Caught in the Wheels if in a Wheelchair

Anyone in a wheelchair will tell you that it’s important to choose a dress that won’t get caught in the wheels. If your chair has wide or small rear wheels, make sure the dress isn’t going to get stuck. It would be even more awful if you ripped off part of your expensive and beautiful wedding gown while traveling down the aisle!

4- Look for a Dress with an Empire Waistline if You Have a Disability Affecting Your Back

If you have a disability that affects your back, choosing a dress with an empire waistline may be best. In many cases, this style will still look great on you without adding any unnecessary extra bulk around the middle section of the body. This can also help to take attention away from any “problem areas” while you’re wearing the gown.

5- Avoid Dresses with Intricate Details that Make it Hard to Maneuver

It can be tempting to choose a dress with all kinds of lace and other types of intricate details. However, when you have issues with mobility, it’s best to avoid dresses that are too heavily embellished or complicated. The more florals and ruffles on the gown, the harder it will be for someone to help you walk and stand. Keep the design of your wedding dress simple so that it’s comfortable to wear while you’re getting ready for the biggest day of your life.

Finding a dress that will accommodate your individual needs can be difficult, which is why it’s always best to start shopping for one as early as possible. Take some time to visit each bridal boutique or department store and figure out what styles are available to you. Speak with a sales associate about your options, and they can help you find the perfect dress for your disability.