5 Health Foods to Cook on the Grill

5 Health Foods to Cook on the Grill

Grilling season is here and in full swing, and it’s time to get creative with your grilling recipes! In this article, we’ll share five healthy foods that you can put on the grill. These are all delicious meals that have a variety of nutrients, so you never feel like you’re sacrificing flavor for healthiness.

Grilling is an excellent way to prepare healthy foods. Here are five of my favorite things to grill!

1) Steak – Grilled steak has lots of protein and fat, which can help you feel full for longer periods of time.

2) Vegetables – Cooking vegetables on the grill gives them a lightly smoky flavor that makes them taste amazing and pairs well with meat or fish dishes.

3) Fruit – Grilling fruit like peaches, pineapple, or apples will give their natural sugars an intense caramelized flavor while still retaining some juicy sweetness.

4) Yogurt- The high heat from grilling creates yogurt’s signature tangy taste while also giving it a slight charring that compliments fresh

Steak is a great choice for grilling and a delicious one too. It is lower in calories, high in protein, and if you use a leaner cut, it is generally lower in fat. Enjoying a steak can be a guilty pleasure when done right, but it will fill you up and leave you feeling satisfied.

Alongside any meat you want to cook on the grill, it is always important to add some healthy carbs that will help fill you up while providing energy. Grilled veggies such as zucchini, squash (summer pumpkin) & eggplant have light flavors which go well next to heavier dishes like steak or burgers.

Sliced summer squash is another great vegetable option for this type of cooking method because they won’t fall through the cracks when you flip them over during cooking as larger vegetables might do. Slice thinly so that each slice has two flat sides that can stand up against high heat without burning. Brush lightly with olive oil before placing directly on hot grill grate until tender-crisp but not mushy inside.

Before adding them to the grill, you can add your favorite herbs and seasonings along with a generous coating of oil to give them a nice flavor.

All the goodness in green leafy vegetables are retained when grilled, so they make a great choice for this type of cooking method. Veggies can be dressed up with your favorite herbs and spices before grilling or eaten on their own as just another raw vegetable side dish without being cooked at all.

Fruit may sound like a surprising choice for the grill, but it is a wonderful healthy choice. Peaches, pineapple chunks, or rings that have been peeled with the skin still on are a great choice for grilling because they won’t turn to mush like tomatoes would do if left too long without protection from heat. Grilled fruit can be added to salads or eaten alongside your favorite meat dish.

Yogurt can be used to coat vegetables and fruit on the grill. The high heat from grilling creates yogurt’s signature tangy taste while also giving it a slight charring that compliments fresh vegetables and sweet fruits. It is important not to leave the yogurt on too long, or it will burn.

These are all healthy food to cook on your grill! Use these in combination with other grilled goodies.