7 Lifestyle Changes for Your Apartment to Ramp up the Place

When it comes to living that gorgeous kinfolk-esque, minimalist home decor, white walls, and beautifully light lifestyle, there’s a few things that you should try. We’ve all seen the images on Instagram, in Home & Garden magazine and of course, in movies and on TV. But how do you get from where you are now, to the minimalist home decor that you’re craving?

Well, actually you can make a few changes to your lifestyle that can aid you in your endeavors to create a beautiful living space.

Bye Bye Bye

In the words of NSYNC, ‘I want to see you out that door, baby bye bye bye.’ It’s time to say goodbye to a lot of the things which are currently occupying your space. We all have too much stuff really, and we are so used to those things being around us, we don’t stop consider if they have a purpose at all. So, it is time to do the big clean up. Take a look around. What do you use, what don’t you use? Are there things that are merely gathering dust? Marie Kondo your space into a clutter-free, happy space.

Clean Up Your Act

If you pay close attention, or actually, even just vague attention to interior magazines, stylish bloggers and vloggers, and more recently Netflix, you’ll notice a glaring thing. The rooms are cleaned. If you need inspiration, then check out Mrs. Hinch. She’s a clean machine with great tips and checklists to get you started.

Think Light

If you want your space to look bigger, think white. White walls and lighter floors maximize the appearance. If you don’t have the ability or permission to paint, then it’s time to think about those window dressings. Heavy curtains are amazing in the winter, but when the spring and summer roll around, you might want to rethink them a little. Voile is an ideal choice for letting in a lot of light. So are blinds.

Get Creative

There isn’t anything much more effective than having stunning artwork hanging up. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get something that you like. Affordable art fairs are great if you want something unique and hand painted. Alternatively, you can put prints in frames and hang them. Gallery walls are also a popular choice because they have such a significant impact without too much hard graft. Pick up a range of frames from vintage boutiques and check out some thrift stores also. Check out a few Pinterest boards for inspiration on styles and tips.

If you have a touch of flare, you might like to create your own artwork and hang that up.

Luxe Life

There is little in life as lovely as sitting down on your couch at the end of a long day. But, you could make it even more luxurious by changing the dressings on their slightly. Look for faux furs, soft chenille, and silks. They are all gorgeous textures and can add a really neat ‘put together’ design look for your living room. They are relatively easy to clean and are incredibly snuggly. On the subject of textures, hammered metals look stunning and are very easy to use to upgrade a space. Candle holders, vases, and other trinkets can look great when well placed. The key to this is less really is more. Pales rose pinks work well with coppers and silver, but if you prefer a darker aesthetic, then petrol blues work with brushed golds.

Tidy As You Go

If you are the type of person who kicks off their shoes, takes socks off, and places jackets down wherever then it might be time to kick that habit. Find a space for everything, and once you have used something, then put it back. This will help with your cleaning efforts and make sure that you don’t misplace items and keep rebuying (a habit which we all have). Install a coat rack, or buy one and keep it close to your front door. A shoe cabinet is always a great idea too. Think smart storage, and get yourself into the habit of using.


Bring plants into your space. Not only do they help keep your air a little bit cleaner, but they breathe in some nature too. If you aren’t great with plants, then you can pick up some faux ones that really look amazing. For low maintenance, then think succulents and cacti. If you are up for a challenge and love color, then orchids are a perfect choice. They look chic and last for years (once you get the hang of taking care of them).

When it comes to making your living space reasonably minimal, there isn’t much you really need to do. It all comes down to smart storage, keeping it tidy and as light as possible.