7 Remedies For Foot Pains

Most people have to deal with aching feet at the end of each day. This could be as a result of putting too much pressure on your feet, or an underlying health condition. Whatever the issue is, taking proper care of your feet can help alleviate these pains completely. Here are a few practices and home remedies you can use to rejuvenate tired feet and ease the aches.

  1. Moist Heat Therapy

An overstressed connective tissue and muscle can be the root cause of painful feet for many people. This problem mostly occurs due to excessive weight-bearing and activity resulting in sore muscles.  Giving your feet a simple soak in a basin of warm water can help take care of the pains naturally. Adding Epsom salt to the warm water is also recommended to add a soothing effect. If your feet are however hot, swollen, and tired, you will then need to use cold water instead. Soaking the feet in cool water helps take the heat away and reduces the swelling.

  1. Stretches

Stretches are often recommended to help counteract muscle tightness. This should however be done a few minutes after soaking your feet in warm water. To do this, sit on a comfortable chair, then start massaging the entire feet and especially the ankles with your hands. A strap can also come in handy here. Remember to target calf muscles for the best results. Taking on stretch exercising for your feet, such as lifting objects with your feet, or picking small items with your toes is also helpful in stretching the desired muscles.

  1. Massage

Massaging your sore feet with lotion or essential oils can help alleviate pains and improve your flexibility.  Remember to focus on the right areas and muscles when massaging your feet. The plantar fascia, in particular, should be adequately massaged to reduce the feeling of tiredness and pains. This is also the only part that gives your foot its form, as well as arch support. The plantar fascia is responsible for absorbing shock while you walk, jump, or run hence needs lots of tender care. Some cases of foot pains are as a result of its tightness. Nevertheless, using oils to massage the bottom of your feet and all the muscles surrounding the same should help it to loosen up.

  1. Arch Supports

Wearing shoes with little or no arch support could also be a reason you have been experiencing foot pains recently. Trying shoes with arch support can help take care of the problem for good. Although there are plenty of shoe varieties designed for arch support, you can still buy arch supports for your shoes. This comes in the form of inner soles that act as shock absorbers in every step you take. In addition to protecting your feet, shoes with adequate arch support can help reduce the risk of developing back pains as well.

Consider replacing your shoes with those designed for arch support for the best experience. If the problem does not fade away within days, you should then make an appointment with a podiatrist. He/she should help you identify the right shoes for your feet form and type. Custom-made orthotics are particularly recommended for this purpose.

  1. Choose Fitting Shoes

High-heels and shoes that are too tight contribute significantly to foot soreness. Switching to more comfortable shoes that fit correctly is one of the recommended ways to avoid sore feet.  Consider going for shoes with a slightly thicker sole, such as running shoes for extra cushioning and support. You will be surprised how comfortable sandals can be around the house. Shoes with worn out soles and insoles could be also the reason you are experiencing foot pains. Loosely fitting or shoes that are too tight are known to cause fatigue and soreness in your feet hence should be avoided. Choosing the right type of shoes will also make it easier for you to walk, as well as allow your toes to breathe. For instance, some people will be more comfortable in box shoes or will require orthopedic women’s sandals, and especially those with hammer toes, bunions, and neuroma.

  1. Trim Corns and Calluses

Although you may not have noticed this, the hard skin on corns and calluses could be exerting too much pressure on your feet. This can lead to bleeding, cracks, or even an infection. Soaking your feet in warm water the using emery board or pumice stone on the hard spots can help trim them. Remember to apply lotion to moisturize and keep the skin soft. Consider putting on some socks to seal in the moisture for longer.

  1. Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat pains, hence can be used to treat foot pains as well. You however need to look for someone particularly good at this to see the benefits.