7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Workplace Clean for Employees

Studies indicate that having a clean workplace improves employee productivity and satisfaction. Since COVID-19 began, maintaining a clean workplace is more important than ever. There are numerous best practices you can implement to make sure your employees remain healthy and productive.

1- Restrict Food in Specific Areas

Place detailed guidelines in certain areas of the workplace regarding restrictions on beverages and food. If spills or food particles could damage equipment, increase safety risks, and compromise work, employees should eat or drink elsewhere. Leftover crumbs and food promote bacterial growth, which is why certain areas of the workplace should be kept clean at all times.

2- Perform Regular Inspections

Perform scheduled inspections for every common area and work area in the building to keep injuries and illnesses at bay. Regular examinations allow you to identify hazards that must be dealt with before they cause additional problems. Workers can also use this as an opportunity to voice any concerns they might have. Look for any items that may cause unhealthy conditions as a result of corrosion, misuse, heat, impact, wear, stress, or vibration. Every facet of the workplace should be inspected. These inspections can include vibration, noise, lighting, ventilation, waste, and temperature.

3- Implement Electrostatic Disinfection

Ever since COVID-19 began, disinfection is necessary in the workplace, which extends to all rooms, products, surfaces, and equipment. Doing so ensures that harmful microbes are eliminated. The solution that’s most effective involves electrostatic disinfection, which uses an electrically charged spray with cleaning products. Using this technology allows you to get rid of bacteria, mildew, mold, algae, and viruses.

4- Create a Cleaning Schedule

Everyone in the workplace should have a responsibility to clean the area. Create extensive cleaning schedules and guidelines that determine who is responsible for different tasks. Regularly cleaning surfaces is necessary to mitigate the spread of germs.

5- Focus on High-Traffic Areas

Make sure that you place your focus on high-traffic areas when cleaning, which include desks and break rooms. While your cleaning costs may be high, these expenses should be offset by the improved health of your employees and the drop in sick time.

6- Request Professional Cleaning Services

Keeping your workplace clean isn’t always easy when you have a strict schedule that you must adhere to for your day-to-day responsibilities. In this scenario, it may be best to hire professional commercial cleaning services, which should help you run your business in a cleaner and more productive manner.

7- Purchase Cleaning and PPE Supplies

Create special storage areas in your building for cleaning and PPE supplies. These supplies should be regularly monitored to make sure that they are restocked frequently. Every employee should have easy access to hand sanitizer, gloves, paper towels, masks, and surface cleaners. You should also purchase trash cans, bags, commercial floor mats, and PPE safety equipment.

Now that you know how to keep your workplace clean, you have the tools you need to stop germs from spreading and maintain employee health. Do set up a cleaning schedule and assign specific tasks to individuals or teams.