8 Real Benefits of Hypnosis That You Can Start Enjoying Today!

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of health issues and saves hospitals hundreds of dollars per patient when it comes to footing the bill for their treatment plans.

That’s a fact, so, if you’ve come to this article to determine whether or not hypnotherapy works, the answer to that question is yes, it certainly does.

What you may not be aware of is what exactly hypnosis can help with.

The answer to that question will vary depending on which hypnotist you see. Generally speaking though, any health problems that are in some way related to your psychology can be treated or cured via hypnotherapy.

Below, we outline specific examples of ailments that are commonly assisted via benefits of hypnosis.

1. Phobias

Most people are afraid of something.

Drowning. Dogs. Airplanes… To be afraid is a natural part of the human condition.

For those of us that harbor fears though, they tend to not be irrational or debilitating. They are things that we can manage and are predicated in life experiences.

For a small group of the population though, phobias absolutely ravage their lives.

If you’re the kind of person that has to walk out of a room when a snake appears on a television screen, you can definitely expect to see benefits from hypnosis.

2. Anxiety/Stress

Stress and anxiety are common issues experienced in teenagers and adults. When people’s natural stress response becomes too powerful, it can wreak havoc on their overall health and their ability to function.

Though hypnotherapy, skilled practitioners can dig into what your stress triggers are and can reprogram your reactions to create positive feelings around things that used to send you into full-on panic attacks.

Anxiety/stress are actually two of the most common conditions that hypnotists are contracted to aide with within the health sphere.

3. Sleep Problems

Insomnia usually follows closely behind a number of the problems that we’re going to be talking about on this list. We felt that it deserved its own section though because of the huge effects sleep deprivation can have on your life.

If you can’t sleep through the night, your work is likely suffering, you’re probably not vesting everything you can into your relationships and you almost certainly don’t feel your best.

Hypnotists can train you on how to self hypnotize yourself around bedtime so that you can experience deep relaxation when it’s time to wind down for the evening.

4. Depression

Experiencing occasional depression is common for adults. Deep depressive states though are clinical problems that can lead to outcomes as serious as suicide.

Many sufferers of chronic depression get the way they are because they’re harboring some life event or internal disappointment that they haven’t been proactive in handling.

Hypnosis allows doctors to explore your deep subconscious to find out what’s eating away at you and with that problem out in the open, they can guide you towards fixing it.


When you experience trauma, it never really ends after the event subsides. It sticks with you, haunting your nightmares and dominating your thoughts during the day.

One of the benefits of hypnosis that many people don’t know about when managing PTSD is that it compliments regular visits to the therapist wonderfully.

Hypnosis can serve as a shovel that allows you to dig up your feelings. Once dug up, your therapist can help you to better assess and manage what hypnosis brought to the surface of your consciousness.

6. Grief

When people die or a loved one leaves you, it can lead to emotions that are hard to process. Emotions make us human and grieving is every bit as healthy as it is important.

If you’re finding that your grief is not becoming more manageable and that it’s affecting other areas of your life, hypnosis may be a viable solution.

Hypnosis can help you condition your reaction to bad memories so that the pain doesn’t feel quite as fresh. It won’t necessarily make it so you forget what it is that’s bothering you but it will allow you to react to that stuff in a way that’s less destructive which can be key in helping you move through your day.

7. Confidence Issues

While a lack of confidence isn’t a medical condition in it of itself, it can lead to isolation which is one of the primary contributors to depression.

Hypnosis can help you love yourself more. It can help you to appreciate what you see in the mirror. It can help you to present your best self to those around you.

Those positive lifestyle changes can absolutely improve your long term health outcomes.

8. Addiction

Chances are, you’ve seen somebody advertise their hypnosis services as a means to treat addiction. Hypnotist Richard Barker does it as do a number of world-renowned practitioners.

The reason why this service is advertised so widely is because it works.

When your brain is addicted to something, it sends signals to your body that basically begs you to partake. Hypnosis can disrupt that pattern and reduce your cravings.

Wrapping Up Health Benefits of Hypnosis That You Can Enjoy Today

As people living in an increasingly complicated world, we all have problems. While hypnosis isn’t a cure-all, the ample benefits of hypnosis make it a treatment option that’s worth trying.

We hope that our write-up has piqued your curiosity in hypnotism and we invite you to read more of our health-related content if you’d like additional advice on how to live your best life!