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8 Surprising THC Health Benefits Anyone Can Find Useful

55 million people across that nation use marijuana regularly. That number may be even higher than the survey conducted by Yahoo News reports given rampant under-reporting when it comes to drug use.

While many marijuana users partake in the practice of smoking or ingesting the substance for recreational purposes, there is a growing sect of users that love marijuana for its medicinal properties. On the subject of medicinal properties in marijuana, most benefits are attributed to CBD. As it turns out though, there are THC benefits on the medicinal spectrum as well.

In this post, we talk about health benefits that have specifically been tied to THC in hopes that we can paint a fuller picture regarding the whole value of marijuana.

1. Nausea Reduction

For those that experience severe, non-pregnancy related morning sickness, ingestion of THC may be a viable way to reduce episodes. For people that suffer from treatment related nausea, studies have been conducted on THC’s effects on nausea specifically in cases related to medication side effects.

THC was found to reduce nausea episodes in cancer patients that were being subjected to rounds of chemotherapy. It was also helpful to patients that were struggling with aides.

2. Appetite Stimulant

Eating disorders affect millions of people. Many of those eating disorders manifest in the way of reducing appetites which leads to a heightened risk of undernourishment.

Fortunately, one of the most known THC benefits is that it can induce hunger in users. This benefit is typically characterized by images of a person with “the munchies” sitting on a sofa while scarfing down junk food. While not as popular of an image, THC has also led everyday people to eat three healthy meals per day rather than fasting.

3. Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

The most dangerous killer in America is heart disease. It destroys the lives of over 600,000 people every year.

Studies have been conducted which show that THC may have a role to play in reducing high-risk population’s chances of contracting heart disease. Sadly, THC hasn’t been taken as seriously as it should be in this regard given that it also increases rates of heart disease in certain individuals due to the unhealthy eating habits that may accompany its use.

There is still work to be done in knowing for sure whether or not THC’s positives in the heart disease fight outweigh its potential to do damage. What we can say is that prospects are promising.

4. Pain Management Aid

Another well-known THC benefit is pain management. CBD is usually cited when it comes to promoting this benefit of marijuana. Still, THC has also been shown to aid in the reduction of pain given the effect that it can have on glycine receptors.

For immediate pain relief, leveraging one of the best glass bongs that you own or another smoking apparatus is recommended for indigestion. That’s because smoking marijuana allows you to feel the effects of THC more efficiently than using oils or edibles.

5. Sleep Aid

If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, you’re not alone. Roughly 60 million Americans spend their evenings tossing and turning while lamenting on the day and what tomorrow might bring.

THC can help user’s brains slow down before bed enough to help them ease into a state of rest more efficiently. It also has the potential to carry less harmful side effects than synthetic sleep aids given marijuana’s basis in nature.

6. Reduction or Abolition of Epileptic Seizures

One of the primary reasons why marijuana has been used in medical settings is to help those that suffer from epileptic seizures.

As with many marijuana health benefits, CBD is associated with being the compound that can help reduce epileptic episodes. Studies have shown though that rats saw their symptoms of epilepsy disappear entirely with the help of THC.

7. Help With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is among the most horrifying neurological diseases that exist today. It causes people to lose their identity, their recollection of loved ones and kills victims.

While studies are still being done to understand THC’s effects on Alzheimer’s, preliminary tests on cell models have been promising. THC has proven itself able to reduce inflammation and improve mitochondrial functions, two benefits that could be helpful in people battling Alzheimer’s symptoms.

8. Feelings of Euphoria

No list of THC benefits would be complete without mentioning THC’s signature ability to bring about feelings of euphoria in users. While some people may find this benefit to be a drawback, other recreational users enjoy the calm, yet special effects that THC can have on their state.

Given the relative safety of THC, especially when compared to other state-altering substances, THC has proven itself to be a low-impact means of fun that adults of legal age can enjoy during their free time.

THC Benefits Go Beyond What We’ve Mentioned

We hope that the THC benefits we’ve shared with you have added more context to the value it brings to the medical marijuana conversation. There are many more THC benefits that exist, especially when used in conjunction with THC. There are also, surely, a number of THC benefits that haven’t been discovered yet.

As all of THC and marijuana’s virtues begin to come to mainstream light, we suspect that marijuana use will become progressively destigmatized. With reduced stigma, the value that marijuana has to offer will be enjoyed by more individuals that need its assistance.

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