A Guide for Throwing an End of Chemo Treatment Party for a Loved One

A Guide for Throwing an End of Chemo Treatment Party for a Loved One

Has your loved one been going through a painful cancer journey? Are they approaching the end of chemotherapy and want to celebrate? Read on to get don’t-miss tips for planning your party.

Tip #1: Consult with Your Loved One

It’s important to put the cancer survivor at the heart of everything you plan. Talk to the person to make sure they really want the party. If they do, then work with them to select a theme or type of party. Will it be a big celebration or a small one? Should it be a party or a lunch? These details matter and help you to keep the sensitivities of the loved one in mind as you plan.

Tip #2: Select a Color Palette

Once you know your venue, type of party, and theme, it’s time to select your color palette. Usually picking three main colors works well for most parties. That way you can have one or two main colors and/or one or two accent colors. This will help you to continue to bring your loved one’s vision for a celebration to life.

Tip #3: Purchase Great Supplies Online

No need to go to a store when you can find the decor supplies you need online. Once you have a theme, all options are on the table–balloons, streamers, banners, party plates in every color of your choice.

Tip #4: Consider Your Menu

If you are planning a large event, you may want to consider renting a space and catering for the event. If the affair is more intimate, you might consider a celebration potluck or making the food yourself. The menu should match the theme, along with the loved one’s preferences. Consider adding two beverages to a menu with fun names, one non-alcoholic and one alcoholic, such as “Cancer Sucks Soda” and “Goodbye Hospital Heineken. Let your creativity guide you. You can extend some of the naming to your menu items if you’re feeling especially spirited.

Tip #5: Spread the Love

If your loved one is open to this, ask guests to say a word or two of appreciation at the event. Or, ask guests to contribute a note or letter ahead of time that you have bound and present it to your loved one. Cancer is a journey that calls on everyone around a person to help and to support. Your loved one will know he or she is cared for when hearing or reading these sentiments. And it’s one small way you can celebrate the life that your family member is living and will continue to live while cancer-free for this period of time.

It’s Finally Time to Celebrate

Are you ready to get this party started? You have the tools. What will you do? Keep in mind that while the end of the chemotherapy journey is something to celebrate, there may be many emotions involved–pain, fear, happiness, relief all mixed into one. Make sure you talk to your loved one about their expectations for the party and then use their cues to inform your party-planning decisions. With these four tips, you’ll be on your way to planning a special event for a special person.