A Pleasure to Meet: Resources of Style and Substance

Forget the adage about not judging a book by its cover, because style is substance: The way something as simple as a notebook looks – from its layout and design, as well as its use of color and binding – can mean the difference between putting that potential journal to use and leaving its pages blank.

Such is the philosophy behind Pleased to Meet, a provider of paper goods, textiles, ceramics, kitchen items and other products.

That philosophy is what can inspire the would-be diarist or nutritionist to make a daily record of his health, to catalog his progress with exercise and healthy eating, to handwrite – with the necessary slowness to think about what he wants to write – concerning his goals involving weight loss, personal wellness, and strength and conditioning, among many other things.

For example: Keeping a food journal is an achievement unto itself, one that contains insightful data.

To get to that point – to fill that notebook with everyday entries and moments of profundity, to maximize the functionality of something because of its symmetry or form – requires a commitment to style.

The substance will follow, so long as there is a premium on design.

Put another way, to look good is to feel well.