Alcohol Abuse: 7 Signs You Drink Too Much

About 2.6% of the 2.8 million deaths that occur in the US are alcohol-related. That number is continuing to increase as people fail to receive the help they need.

Have you asked yourself, “Do I drink too much?” recently? It’s important to determine the answer before drinking takes your life.

Keep reading to discover the seven signs you drink too much. By pinpointing these signs, you can get the help you need before it’s too late. Determine if your drinking is a bigger problem than you realized with this helpful guide.

1. Withdrawal Symptoms

If you realize you’re drinking too much and decide to quit, it can take a toll on your body. You might even begin experiencing withdrawal symptoms, which is one of the big signs you drink too much.

Potential withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Headaches
  • Cramps
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Paranoia

Withdrawal can become painful if not dangerous. If you decide to quit drinking, it’s best to receive professional help. A doctor can guide you through the process and help you quit successfully.

2. Your Health Has Changed

Alcoholism can have a big impact on your body. For example, many people sustain liver damage. Few people realize that alcohol can impact your heart and brain, too. 

Have you visited a doctor for an annual checkup recently? Pay attention to what they tell you. Otherwise, check-in with yourself.

How do you feel before and after drinking? If you’re drinking too much, you’ll likely notice you’ve gained weight and feel groggy. Don’t let alcohol destroy your body.

Instead, consider men’s rehab before it’s too late.

3. You’ve Developed a Tolerance

You might feel like you need to drink more alcohol in order to get drunk. Developing tolerance is another sign that you’re drinking too much. It means your body is used to the alcohol and needs more to feel an effect. 

4. You Can’t Stop

Over 19.3 million people need rehab but never receive the help they need. Many people believe they can quit on their own. If you feel like you can’t stop drinking once you start, it means you’re no longer in control. 

5. People Are Concerned

Are you blacking out more often? Maybe you have no memory of drinking. Your friends and family might realize there’s a problem before you do.

If the people in your life are concerned, listen. Alcohol can ruin relationships. By getting the help you need, you can mend broken bridges before they’re gone for good. 

6. You’re Neglecting Responsibilities

Alcohol can take over your life until your usual responsibilities stop mattering. You could lose your job, get kicked out of school, or worse.

If you’ve started abandoning responsibilities, ask yourself, “Am I drinking too much?”

7. Your Behavior is Reckless

Alcohol can lower inhibitions and logic. You might start making foolish, reckless decisions. For example, you might decide to drive while intoxicated.

If you’re making reckless choices, get help before you hurt someone.

It’s Time to Get Help: 7 Signs You Drink Too Much

Don’t wait until the bottle’s empty. Instead, pay attention to these signs you drink too much. Get help before it’s too late.

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