Any Questions? 5 Inquiries You Should Ask Your Doctor This Year

A new year on the horizon means a renewed commitment to health. Being an empowered patient is all about knowing the right questions to ask your doctor. Exciting new things are happening in the world of medicine and personal health. It can be overwhelming for the average person to know what topics to address with their physician. Write down these five inquiries you need to ask your doctor so that you don’t get frazzled when the time comes to have a conversation about your health.

Could I Be Allergic to Gluten?

Gluten allergies are on the rise among children and adults. The medical community is standing up and taking notice. Regular occurrences of stomach cramps, gas, and painful bowel movements after consuming wheat products could all be indicators that you’re suffering from an allergy to gluten. Be sure to ask your doctor to give you a full list of symptoms to study. You can also request an allergy test to see if your body produces antibodies to gluten.

Am I Getting Enough Calcium?

It is important to discuss your calcium intake with your doctor. Many adults don’t realize that they are severely calcium deficient. Taking the right amount of calcium for your age and weight is an important step in preventing osteoporosis and bone loss. Your doctor will be able to tell you how much calcium your body requires. You should ask your doctor about introducing calcium supplements into your daily routine if your diet doesn’t feature a lot of foods that are naturally high in calcium.

Is a Lack of Vitamin D Keeping Me Up at Night?

You need to discuss vitamin D with your doctor if you’ve been experiencing restless nights. Episodes of wakefulness at night are closely linked with a lack of vitamin D. Improper sleep and sleep deprivation can create a number of physical and cognitive problems in humans. Many people blame stress or insomnia on their lack of sleep without ever questioning if it could be caused by a vitamin deficiency. Getting your vitamin D levels under control can help you avoid having to resort to taking powerful sleep aids in order to fall asleep.

Is Biopatch a Smart Way to Dress My Wounds?

The technology for safely and comfortably dressing wounds has made leaps and bounds in recent years. Be sure to ask your doctor if Biopatch is a smart option for you if you require wound care and maintenance associated with the use of a catheter. One disk can offer constant antiseptic action against infections for up to seven days.

Am I at Risk for Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is on the rise in America. The disease is one of the hardest conditions for doctors to diagnose because people who are infected display a wide variety of symptoms. You need to be vigilant about Lyme disease if you live in an area where ticks are prevalent. Ask your doctor to go over the full range of possible symptoms with you. It is important to let your doctor know if you’ve recently encountered ticks.

Knowledge Is the Best Medicine

Your doctor is sure to appreciate your proactive attitude the next time you show up for a routine examination. Your voice is the biggest preventive measure you have against health issues.