Avoid Coronavirus Spread by Working Remotely: 6 Tips for Working from Home

With the coronavirus outbreak, many companies are shifting to remote work in order to socially distance. Working from home during this time is a great way to make sure yourself and others are staying as safe as possible. Working from home can be a challenging transition for those that are used to going into the office and working with others every weekday. 

Keep reading this guide for working from home tips that can help you stay productive, happy, and healthy during this time. 

1. Keep a Schedule  

When working from home, it’s even more important to stick to a plan. With a normal workday, your schedule is usually filled up with meetings, and collaboration with others, whereas at home, you have to rely on yourself to stay on task. Keeping a structured schedule, and planning out when you will take breaks throughout the day can help you stay productive. 

If you don’t already have a planner, it may be a great time to get one. A planner that has daily breakdowns by time is a great way to plan out how you will spend your time. This can help you meet deadlines, complete projects and tune in for Skype meetings. 

Making a to-do list at the end of the next day, or in the morning before work, can help you know what your day will look like, and help you stay organized. Because your boss isn’t there to make sure you’re staying focused, it’s important to have self-reliance and stay focused on your priorities. 

2. Maintain a Routine 

Having a daily routine is important in staying consistent while working from home. A morning routine can be especially helpful and can determine how you’ll feel for the rest of the day. Because you don’t have to rush to get up and get to work, it can be easy to hit that snooze button until the last minute. 

Let your morning be enjoyable. Get up, make breakfast and get dressed. A great idea is to start your morning with yoga, or another at-home workout, or taking the dog on a walk for some fresh air. 

3. Keep up Healthy Habits 

A great way to have productive at home workdays is to have a healthy lifestyle. Exercising regularly can help release endorphins that help productivity. Try stretching throughout the day to give your body a rest from the same sitting position and to improve your posture. 

It’s also important to eat healthy meals and snacks. Nutritional foods like fruits and veggies are linked to overall higher energy levels and productivity.

Because we’re at home close to our kitchens, it’s easy to fall for treats you have stashed in a cupboard. Avoid a sugar crash by choosing healthy snacks instead. 

4. Avoid Distractions 

Many find working from home more difficult because of the many distractions such as chores, partners, kids or pets. This can be hard because often, the ones we love are difficult to ignore. Try setting boundaries with those in your household so that you can make sure you’re not sacrificing your work. 

A great way to make up for this is to make sure when your not working, that you’re free from all possible work distractions. Stay fully present with your loved ones in your free time, leaving the business emails and phone calls for workdays. This counterbalance is best for your career as well as your relationships. 

Another huge distractor is social media. Unless you use it for work, try avoiding social media during your workday. It can be an easy way to waste tons of time without even realizing it. 

Try turning your social media notifications off during the workday so that you’re not temped with this distraction. 

Make the workplace one you don’t mind staying in for long periods of time by playing music to help you focus

5. Take Helpful Breaks From Your Desk 

Taking small breaks from your home and computer can help you avoid burnout and can make you more productive when you’re working. Try taking walks, or changing your scenery up when working to stay motivated. If the weather allows it, try working in your backyard for a little Vitamin D and fresh air. 

Work a few short 5-minute breaks into your schedule periodically throughout the day to help make the day more productive and enjoyable. 

6. Figure out How to Communicate 

While working from home, it’s important to figure out a method that you and your team can use to communicate with one another. This can help keep everyone on the same page and keep your team connected. It’s important to find a method beyond email or text for the clearest communication possible. 

Try using a video app for meetings so that you can talk face to face with your co-workers. Not only is this best for communication, but it will also offer a nice way to see your co-workers during this time. 

Looking for additional tools that can help you work from home during this time? Click the link for some tips and tricks: Coronavirus work remotely

Working From Home Tips to Try Today 

This week, keep these working from home tips in mind for a productive workday. During this time, it can be difficult to stay positive and focused. By making your workdays at home as similar as possible to those in the office, you can stay driven and on task. 

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