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Basking in a Clear Sky of Recovery, Thanks to the Expert Use of Ibogaine

When we talk about addiction and recovery, when we talk (more specifically) about ibogaine treatment and hear stories (some of them accurate, many of them wildly speculative) about this issue, when talk about finding the right center – with the right professionals – to customize and apply this treatment, we should put experience at the forefront of this discussion.

Take, for instance, my conversation with Laura Shapiro, Director of Admissions for Clear Sky Recovery, which has 20-plus years of knowledge involving ibogaine treatment.

Over the course of single call, and through some follow-up correspondence, I now have a better understanding about ibogaine than the majority of news articles and commentaries about this subject.

More importantly, I know what a patient should receive and has a right to enjoy: Compassionate care within an environment of safety and comfort, where a facility has the resources – and a resourceful personality – to join each individual on a journey toward recovery.

I also have a better appreciation for the way medical experts use ibogaine, for the way doctors, nurses, consultants and staff play a role in this process, for the way a genuine professional acts – for the way a series of professionals, each with his or her own sense of personal decency, acts –
so patients need not worry themselves about such things.

This model is worthy of attention because of its emphasis on science, research and a methodical commitment to credibility.

Credibility for the cause of transparency. Credibility for the sake of truth. Credibility for the legitimacy of institutions whose mission is recovery, whose moral purpose is compassion, whose message is as sincere as it is sympathetic. Credibility for the greater good of society.

Aware of these principles, and eager to spread awareness about these policies, I look forward to reading more stories of recovery.