Breathing Easy: Modern Methods For Dealing With Asthma

Today, approximately 25 million Americans are diagnosed with asthma, according to the AAFA. They also mention that asthma attacks are the 3rd highest cause of hospitalization among kids under the age of 15. Given that respiratory issues can be life-threatening, it’s important to be ready to handle and prevent attacks. Fortunately, science and technology have made advances that provide support and relief for asthmatics beyond nebulizers.

Mobile App Tracking and Monitoring

Apps are virtually omnipresent thanks to smartphones and other devices that support apps. It isn’t surprising then that there is a wide selection of apps developed specifically to aid asthma users. These apps usually include ways to track if your asthma medication is low, how to deal with imminent asthma attacks, and how to handle an attack when it comes. Some apps even track breathing to warn asthmatics on impending attacks. 

Air Purifiers and Portable Air Conditioners

There’s a popular saying that prevention is better than cure, and for good reason. More than just luxury items, household gadgets like purifiers and conditioners help keep the air cool and reduce the onset of asthma and allergy attacks. These gadgets help prevent asthma attacks by filtering out allergens in the air, which can cause inflammation that increases the risk of an attack. 

This form of prevention is especially useful if the asthmatic in question is a very young child who may have trouble communicating their emotions when they feel an oncoming asthma attack.

Hypoallergenic Bedding to Ensure Restful Sleep

An often-overlooked element of possible asthma attack triggers is bedsheets. Many are too busy with other things to properly shake out or vacuum bed sheets on a daily basis. Dust, dust mites, and other microscopic triggers are often found in bed sheets used every day. Hypoallergenic sheets are designed in such a way that these triggers and other irritants don’t get trapped in the weave, reducing the chance of an asthma attack being triggered as you sleep.

Doctors and scientists are working together to find a cure for asthma.  In the meantime, technology is rising to help make asthma attacks easier to predict, prevent, and handle better than ever before. But, as with all things medical, be sure to consult with your physician first to find out which of these methods will have the best results for you.