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  • Health Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

    In 2020, our healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges. On top of the usual struggles to treat people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, cancer, addiction, mental health problems, and more, this year has seen a global pandemic, the like of which we have not seen for over a century. While all of this is certainly […]

  • What To Consider When Creating A New Healthcare Product

    Do you have an idea for a new healthcare product?  It can be a drug to treat a common disease or a futuristic medical device. The product development process–from the initial to the licensing stage–is quite complex and, sometimes, frustrating. You need to follow all the necessary steps for your product to be accepted and […]

  • Great Reasons To Visit Hair Salons Rochester NY

    Life can get pretty hectic sometimes;  trying to balance our work, hobbies, family or studies. In the midst of it all, we may forget how to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves. One thing we may forget about is how to properly care for our hair and why visiting a hair salon is actually […]

  • Disposing Of Medical Waste During A Pandemic (COVID 19) and the Guidance Health Professionals Are Seeking

    Regulating Waste Management During the Pandemic According to the CDC(Center For Disease Control) guidelines, handling of medical waste( with particular attention paid to COVID-19 patients) have to be handled in much the same way as any other medical waste, but with a little extra attention to detail. Guideline Reminders There might not be specific rules […]

  • Advantages of a Patient Appointment Reminder

    Everyone knows that technology is continuously advancing and at a rapid rate. Healthcare organizations should definitely use this to their advantage. Introducing an appointment reminder software can help resolve any problems. It is a somewhat new software that technicians and doctors still test. But, it has shown to prove many benefits for the entire healthcare […]

  • Ion Channel Research: How It Changed The Drug Discovery Process

    Advancements in technology have made increased productivity and breakthroughs possible for health researchers. And, it’s especially true for the process of drug discovery, being one of the significant parts of preclinical health research. Preclinical CROs, like IonsGate Preclinical Contract Research Organization, are companies that provide equipment, skills, personnel, and research for drug discovery. Many CROs […]

  • What To Expect When Recovering From Rhinoplasty

    The recovery process for rhinoplasty can be both challenging and exciting. For many people, post-procedure healing entails a considerable amount of discomfort and swelling. For those who are patient and willing to follow their doctors’ orders, however, each new day can bring a series of positive changes in their general condition, impressive aesthetic improvements, and […]