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  • 5 Ways To Save Money On Beauty Products

    If you’re anything like me, you’re probably familiar with the thrill that comes with purchasing a new beauty product.  Setting your sights on a shiny new product and then finally being able to call it your own is a feeling that keeps many of us coming back for more- and keeps beauty companies in business. […]

  • Discussing the health benefits of standing desks

    In the 21st century, jobs that require sitting down at least eight hours a day are pretty common. No wonder why young people are struggling with affections that are not specific for their age. Sitting in a chair all day increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, it slows down the metabolism and it affects […]

  • 3 Things You Should Know Before Growing Organically

    Success with any new venture relies heavily on how well it has been planned out. If you are considering becoming an organic farm or producing anything with a “certified organic” label, you must create a viable plan before you take any steps. It’s part of the long process to certification. Because of how much planning […]

  • 5 Myths About Cremation (That You May Think Are True)

    Cremation is continuing to become more and more popular in Western countries, due to its low cost, environmental-friendliness, and a number of other benefits. But due to this increase in popularity, there are many misconceptions and myths about cremation. Learn more about the most common myths about cremation, and get the real scoop on what […]

  • Ways to Expand Your Massage Therapy Business

    When it comes to health and wellness, more people are turning to alternative and holistic approaches like massage therapy. If you happen to own a massage parlor, then capitalizing on this new trend would be in your best interest. It provides you with an opportunity to reach wider audiences while also increasing your earnings. As […]

  • How health bloggers are making money

    We have all heard countless stories of health bloggers making full-time income from their websites/blogs. But most of us often wonder – how do they actually make the money from simply blogging? Did you know that the number of bloggers in the U.S. is expected to reach 31.7 million by the year 2020? Additionally, blogs […]

  • Using the Web or an App vs Visiting a Healthcare Professional

    The internet has revolutionized the healthcare system. No longer do people need to wait in line to see a healthcare professional; instead, they can look up their symptoms and diagnose themselves quickly. It’s also possible for people to regularly monitor their health without having to visit a doctor, thanks to the wealth of smartphone apps […]

  • Healthstat – A Stellar Health and Wellness Company

    Health is crucial if you want to succeed in anything you do. Without good health, it is impossible to reach for your goals. There are many institutions that are tasked with providing health services. Some of the most common are public hospitals, specialized clinics, and private health consultants. All these institutions provide services in different […]

  • How Academic Writing Affects Student Mood and Brain

    People learned to read more than 5 thousand years ago. And the human brain was formed more than 100 thousand years ago. That is, the ability to read and write, in terms of evolution, is an explicit superstructure over existing brain structures. This was confirmed by the latest MRI studies. As it turned out, most […]