Burns From Hot Liquids and Personal Injury Lawsuits

Employees are often within close range of hot liquids at construction sites, restaurants, and factories, putting them at risk of becoming scaled or burned. Workers can be covered accidentally with burns from hot liquids, such as sprays or spills, causing severe injury while doing their job. The spillage can include hot food and beverages, tar, chemicals, hot oil, grease, boiling water, along with other heated materials. In such situations, employees often appoint experienced lawyers who handle such cases to help them claim for financial compensation while they heal from the damage caused by hot liquid spillage. 

Legal remedies available to individuals who have suffered burns from hot liquids

An experienced lawyer who deals specifically in cases related to burns from hot liquids can provide legal representation for victims of burn injuries. The burn and scald injuries can occur anywhere, including manufacturing plants, restaurant, and construction sites. Aftercare, burn procedures, extensive rehabilitation treatments, and other medical expenses are often extremely expensive. In some cases, the victims suffer permanent disabilities or miss work for long durations. 

If the accident is caused by the negligence of contractors, leasing agent, dwelling owner, landlord, management staff, restaurant, company, and others, victims can receive monetary support to cover their injuries and damages.       

Degrees of Severity – Burn Levels 

Burns are often categorized into three specific degrees – 

  • First-Degree Burn: This type of burn affects the outer layer of the skin causing pain, redness, and swelling 
  • Second-Degree Burn: This type of burn is typically extremely painful and is caused by hot liquids. It can result in deep redness and blisters of the skin and its underlying tissue 
  • Third-Degree Burn: This type of burn is the most severe that affects every layer of the skin. This type of burn requires immediate medical attention 

A skin burn can be extremely painful, which must be treated immediately in order to avoid any extensive damage to the skin, soft tissue, and muscles. In the majority of cases, the victims of burns from hot liquids are prone to increased risk of infection, often leading to bacterial disease. Only a professional medical practitioner can provide the necessary care to burn victims. 

What are the major causes of burns from hot liquids? 

  • At construction sites and manufacturing plants: 

Workers are often surrounded by hot liquids including radiator oil and roofing tar. Factories and manufacturing plants processing hot foods, liquids, and other products often expose their employees to serious job site hazards. This may include: 

  • Steam 
  • Deep fryers 
  • Pressurized cooking equipment 
  • Carrying a full container 
  • Slipping or tripping 
  • Restaurant workers and guests:

Restaurant workers are more prone to scaled burns, which are often caused because of skin being exposed to hot liquids such as boiling water or hot oil. 

In case, if burns from hot liquids are caused by the negligence of the company, contractor, restaurant, etc. the victim has all the rights to drag them to the court and ask for compensation. 

A hot liquid burn lawyer will prepare the necessary proof to help the victim get justice.