Business Tips: Safety Concerns You Should Know

Aside from working on keeping your business productive and relevant, there is also one aspect that many effective entrepreneurs are particularly concerned about: safety and security. In fact, a certain study by an insurance specialist found out that workplace safety was one of the greatest concerns of employers in 2014. Succeeding this are other business risks such as cybersecurity, professional liability, and natural disasters.

Of course, a business cannot operate without the workforce, and small business owners are gradually considering employees as their most valuable assets. Consequently, they can inflict significant costs when employee safety is compromised, such as during injuries and illnesses.  

Working at height

Some businesses, especially in the construction industry, require their employees to work at height, which is a clear workplace hazard. In fact, around 14 percent of workplace fatalities in 2014 account for falls to a lower level, with poor ladders and scaffolding among the possible reasons. Employers may also have failed to provide fall protection awareness programs and appropriate safety gear.

As employers, it is your responsibility to protect your workers by providing them with function, correct-sized gear. Aside from the standard personal protective equipment, regular inspection of the work environment, which includes the machines and the site itself, is also of top importance.

Weak business security  

Aside from data security, your business needs to keep at bay any breach in physical security for the safety of your property and, most importantly, your employees. Small businesses often fail to strengthen their security measures, thinking that it’s the least of their concerns, yet we’ll never know when criminal acts can arise.

To keep your business safe, proper, adequate lighting in every entry and exit points of the establishment can help do the trick. Doors should have padlocks, while glass doors should be reinforced so they are not easily broken. Installing security cameras in every corner of the building can also help ward off robbers.

Drug testing in the workplace

Drug addiction has long been a prevalent concern in the country, and the workplace is no exception to where you can find such concern. What’s worse is that drug and alcohol abuse at work makes up about 65 percent of workplace accidents, while it takes about 38 to 50 percent of all employees’ compensation claims. Not only does this compromise safety in the workplace, workers under the influence also increase health-related costs in the company.

Setting up a drug-free workplace program can protect your business from such concerns. Depending on the state where your business is located, a drug testing program may be required for pre-employment or annually for random workers. Aside from a well-written policy and employee education, conducting a marijuana urine test can help identify users in the workplace. Consult with your state and federal laws to find out how a marijuana drug test can be performed within your company.

Employees need peace of mind in the company they are working in, and this can be done by making sure their welfare is attended to and their safety is secured. Address these safety concerns and it won’t take long before your business reaps the benefits.