Buying Cannabis Seeds: Is it legal?

Are you wondering if it is legal to buy cannabis seeds on the Internet in Ireland and Europe? 

Well, except in exceptional cases, only purchases of hemp seeds with a THC content of less than 0.2% are allowed.

So, you can buy the best feminised seeds online and choose some of the most unique marijuana seeds on the market.

Cannabis seeds: the general legislation

To begin with, it is essential to know that cannabis is a plant that comes from the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa. But the psychoactive effects of this plant come directly from tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Because of the dangers that this substance can cause, particularly to the health of consumers, its marketing and consumption are governed by various rules and bans in Ireland, Europe, and elsewhere.

However, various countries have decided to relax the legislation on cannabis. This applies especially to the marketing of seeds. In other words, online ordering of hemp is allowed, but the cultivation of the plant remains prohibited.

Cannabis seeds: the legislation in Ireland

In Ireland, the consumption, cultivation, purchase and sale of cannabis are still illegal.

On the other hand, cannabis seeds are legal as long as they are not cultivated. Moreover, there are many different types of seeds. For example, autoflowering seeds, feminised seeds or regular seeds, and other kinds of seeds are available for sale online.

However, it is worth remembering that cannabis is still forbidden in our country unless it is industrial hemp with a THC content of no more than 0.2%. In other words, for online shops wishing to sell cannabidiol (CBD) products, the law says that products made from CBD are illegal if their THC content exceeds 0.2%.

Cannabis seeds: legislation in Europe

Finally, the legislation in Europe does not prohibit cannabis seeds. Cannabis seeds, rich in amino acids and proteins, are perfectly legal and can be sold on the Internet.

However, it is essential to note that each European country has its laws. For example, in the United Kingdom, the sale, purchase and even exchange of cannabis seeds are allowed. The same is true in Ireland and Europe.

But beware, the germination of seeds is still illegal in Europe. However, in some European countries, such as the Netherlands, growing cannabis for personal use is tolerated.

And in Spain, it is allowed.

On the other hand, if the competent authorities realise that the consumer is marketing their cannabis, then legal action will be taken.

Cannabis seeds and marijauan in Italy

Most EU countries have a strict cannabis policy. Laws are relaxed or tightened, but one recognises a political orientation when one observes the legal status of cannabis. With its contradictory policy in this area, Italy is the only exception.

Thus, in 2004, cannabis laws were enormously strengthened, but in 2014 these changes were declared inadmissible by the Constitutional Court. The exact legal situation and punitive measures incurred for consumption, possession, trade or cultivation are currently as follows.

The cultivation of cannabis is a crime, punishable by the same penalties as its trade.

The exception is to possess a single plant, tolerated for personal use.

The sale and cultivation of hemp seeds are legal in Italy. However, quite often, cannabis seeds are designated as collectables or contain a warning that growing the seeds is illegal. 

In Italy, there are about 200 “grow shops” where you can buy seeds in stores.

Great Britain and cannabis

There too, we see a changing drug policy. Also, in Great Britain, various cannabis laws have been enacted over the last few decades.

In the early 2000s, Britain was slowly but surely moving towards decriminalisation. However, considering the current legal situation in the country, there is not much left of that time. In Britain, possession of cannabis is punishable by up to five years in prison and/or fines not limited in amount.

Even in the event of a first arrest, the police record the offence and register the offender in a national computer file, where it will remain permanently valid. Persons subsequently arrested a second time in possession of cannabis are considered repeat offenders.

The sale and possession of all cannabis seeds, whether hemp or high-THC plants, is legal.

The law only prohibits the germination and cultivation of all kinds of cannabis without possession of a corresponding license. Obtaining this license is subject to the payment of a fee and the presentation of an extract from the criminal record.

Please note: the cultivation of cannabis itself is punishable by prison sentences of up to 14 years and/or fines of an unlimited amount.

Portugal and marijuana seeds

Since 2001, Portugal has had one of the most progressive drug policies in the world, as it has decriminalised the possession of any drug for self-consumption, with clear limits. For example, a person can carry up to 25g of marijuana or 5g of hashish without arrest or punishment, although it is possible to ‘prescribe’ a rehabilitation course. 

Thanks to this, it has been possible to reduce by 50% the number of addicts to other drugs, including heroin, a severe problem that our neighbours had and has harmed an excellent part of a generation. 

On the other hand, cultivation is illegal, and even small quantities for self-consumption usually lead to punishment.

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