Can UTIs Go Away on Their Own?

Without doubt, UTIs can go away on their own. Many people can attest to this; what with urinary tract/bladder infections being some of the most common ailments to catch. However, the question we should be asking is whether you are ready to bear the discomfort of a UTI as you await it to go on its own.

While antibiotics are mostly prescribed for this infection, many people do not know the danger of developing antibiotic resistance. Thus, to avoid this, it would be better to try to let the UTI go away on its own.

If you have a UTI, go to your physician so that he/she can determine the complexity of the infection. Most of the time, the doctor may advise you whether it will be possible to wait out the UTI. If the doctor says you have to take antibiotics, you should. With time, the bacteria that cause UTIs have become stubborn. Or rather, we can say that the E.Coli bacterium, which is mostly responsible for causing UTI, has become more stubborn. This bacterium may develop antibiotic resistance.

What you can do to hasten the healing of the UTI

If you decide that you will not take antibiotics for the UTI, and your doctor has confirmed that the infection can go away on its own, you can do a few things to hasten healing. D-mannose for uti prevention has become very popular these days. Here are some natural options you have:

Take foods and drinks rich in vitamin C

The purpose of vitamin C in your fluid intake and food is so that you can increase the acidity of your urine. If the acidity is high, it will help kill the bacteria causing the UTI. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, but so are many other fruits and vegetables. You may also take your vitamin C in supplements.


This is the most important thing that you can do at home to bring about fast healing. The main purpose of taking a lot of fluids and water is so that you can urinate more frequently. When you have a UTI, you should not hold urine. Actually, you should not hold urine at any time. Low fluid intake can increase the risk of catching a UTI. Studies have shown that women who drink less water are at a higher risk of catching a UTI.

Take Probiotics

Foods such as probiotic yogurt, kefir and many other fermented foods contain probiotics, a group of healthy bacteria that enhance the health of your gut. These probiotics also help to dispel the bad bacteria from the gut.

When you take foods rich in probiotics or supplements, you will not only be helping your body fight UTI, but you are also going to avoid the recurrence of the same. Probiotics may also help to lower the side effects that are associated with taking antibiotics.

Probiotics will help in the production of hydrogen peroxide in your urine, whose acidity level can help kill the UTI causing bacteria. But there are many other useful ways to prevent uti bacteria with the help of modern medicines.  

Frequent urination is better

It is best to urinate as soon as you feel the urge to do it. In any case, urine is waste and is supposed to be taken out of the body as soon as the bladder fills up. Beats sense why one would want to hold onto urine. As we have aforementioned, you should also take more fluids so that you can urinate as frequently as possible.

Drinking cranberry juice

This is one of the most popular home treatments for UTIs. The main reason, so studies have revealed, is that cranberry juice has properties that prevent the attachment of the e-Coli bacteria to the cells in the urinary tract.