What Consumers Are Looking For In A Health Based App

The health and fitness world can be extremely profitable for an individual or business looking to generate revenue. This is due to people being quite willing to invest in their health when compared to other facets of their life. The world of apps has exploded with a plethora of apps that deal with health and fitness. These apps can be used in certain circumstances instead of a personal trainer as this is not in the budget for everyone. App store optimization is going to have to be done as this is a competitive space for even the best of apps.

While developing the app you should utilize a few tools like this rank checker and keyword tool below.



Keyword suggestions as well as the rank checker can allow the app to thrive if the right marketing strategy is put into place. Coming up in the top 50 for a particular keyword is a great indication that the app is catching on with consumers. Tweaks can be made to the app in the form of updates in order to utilize the data these tools provide in order to make targeted changes.

Ease Of Use

The ease of use of an app is a big draw as an app that is not easy to use cannot be utilize effectively during a tough workout. A person being able to create a special plan for themselves whether it has to do with diet or exercise is important. The ability to customize things pertaining to specific goals is essential as everyone has different goals and work ethics.

Dietary Plans

Being able to track what has been consumed daily can be a great attribute of any health and fitness regimen. The app should have different options pertaining to whether a person wants to lose weight, gain weight, bulk up, or tone their current physique. Having some of the trendier diets can also help like that of the Ketogenic diet as plenty of people are curious about this. The ability to search whether a food is Keto or not can be an invaluable tool in an app even if this is the app’s main function as the diet is so popular.


People that are looking for a change in their workout routine can utilize workouts provided on the app. Make sure that these workouts are scalable with beginner, medium, and advanced levels as to not injure a user trying to complete an expert workout on their first day back in the gym. There should be workouts for all goals as well as you do not want someone trying to lose weight doing low rep high weight lifts constantly.

Daily Challenges

In addition to the workouts provided there should be daily challenges whether it is to do an extra 20 minutes of cardio or to complete 50 pull ups over the course of a week. This can come in the form of a notification and users can earn points to unlock newer and more in-depth challenges. These challenges could also have to do with diet as a weekly challenge of not drinking soda can be great for personal health.

As you can see there are attributes that a fitness app should try to incorporate. You never know your app could be a household name if it attracts enough downloads.