How to Wear Oversize Clothes and Be Trendy

The oversize style was trendy in 2018, in 2019 and already in 2020, it is not going to slow down and leave the fashion industry. Connoisseurs of comfort, beauty, and ample opportunity to choose will never remove oversized clothes from their wardrobe, and vice versa will replenish it with new products from the collections of the coming year. Therefore, if you have never worn oversize before, now is the best time to start, and our article will help you understand how to do it right. 

If This Is Your First Time Wearing Oversize

So, if this is the first time you want to wear oversize, this is, of course, a great choice. However, before rushing to the store for shopping, it is necessary to clearly understand what you want to buy and how the new thing will be combined with those that are already on your shelves.

We strongly do not recommend mindless shopping – by the way, conscious consumption is another strong trend of 2020. Therefore, it is better to start by viewing ready-made images with oversized elements on The ideas gathered here will help you feel this style, as well as understand what you are missing. And in addition, it is possible to order your favorite outlook directly on the site. 

Now, let’s move on to oversize rules that you definitely need to follow.

Only One Oversize Thing

Only one thing is the golden rule of oversizing. Oversize only look good when it’s a moderate approach. If you wear a sweater and oversized pants at the same time it will look at least funny. People will think that you simply could not find your size, so you are forced to wear what you have. You just have to add an oversized coat to this. Therefore, let’s remember – the emphasis should be only on one oversized thing. All other things should clearly fit your figure.

Oversize Should Be an Over for No More Than Two Steps of the Dimensional Grid

It is also very important not to go wrong with the oversize size. You may need to try on several models to understand which thing looks trendy and which indicates a rash purchase. Therefore, choose items that are one-two sizes larger than your natural size. At the same time, do not forget that you should feel comfortable and beautiful – that is, pants should not fall from your waist, just like a coat should not fall from your shoulders.

Oversize Doesn’t Like a Lot of Accessories

This is a whole problem to pick up accessories for the oversized style. The most common rule is not to get carried away with accessories too much. For example, it would be wise to leave a thin chain of precious metal on your neck and not burden the image with massive pendants or beads. As for bags, there is more scope for imagination – depending on the main oversized item, bags of different sizes can look equally interesting.

Oversize Assumes Certain Colors

Oversize attracts attention with its size and appearance on your figure, but not with its color. Look at fashionable images – and you will not find any oversized clothes, the color of which would be too bright. This is done so that the attention of others is not scattered, and the unique oversize style has been preserved. Therefore, choose pastel, beige and discreet tones so as not to look funny. Otherwise, everyone will definitely think that you just bought a thing that is not of your size.

Oversize for Men – Is It Possible?

Yes, despite the fact that there are more female oversized images than male ones, men should not abandon this style. In this case, a combination of skinny trousers and a spacious T-shirt will be most appropriate. An overseas coat can also complement the classic look. Or, if you want to get a fairly youthful look, we recommend choosing skinny pants and a T-shirt and wearing an oversized shirt or plus size denim jacket on top. Shoes can be sports or classic.


As you can see, not everything is so complicated with the oversized style. The main thing is to start trying, and after several attempts, you can definitely find clothing items that are perfect for your figure, even being oversized.