CBD Consumption Tips – What Dosage Levels should you use when taking CBD Oil?

If you have heard about the incredible improvements to health people are reporting after using CBD oil, and are thinking of giving it a try yourself there are several things to consider first including a range of side effects. One of these is about the amount of oil you need to take to get the results you are looking for.

It can be quite tricky to get definite answers because there is no official FDA guidance available, and manufacturers tend to create their own instructions which may not be applicable to everyone. That’s why we have put together this brief guide to CBD dosage levels, so you can check this topic out before making a purchase.

Factors which can affect CBD dosage

Your weight
Your age
Your body chemistry
The strength of the CBD
The condition you are using the oil to help with
The way you take the CBD (vaping and tinctures provide faster effects, while edibles are more slow release but longer lasting.)

Average doses for different conditions

The best way to get an accurate answer about dosage is to speak to a qualified specialist, but as a guideline, the following suggestions for dosage per 24 hours may be useful.

  • To combat sleeping problems – take between 40-160mg orally.

    To ease epileptic symptoms take 200-300mg orally.

    To tackle chronic pain take 2.5-20mg orally.

    To stimulate appetite following serious illness take 1-2mg orally for several weeks.

    To help with schizophrenia take 40-1,280mg orally.

    To help alleviate mobility issues caused by Huntington’s Disease take 10mg of CBD oil

           for every one kg of body weight orally.

However, some experts believe it is also possible to work out a basic CBD dosage based on weight and the severity of symptoms, which is then monitored and adjusted based on results. For example, someone weighing 200 pounds with severe symptoms would be advised to take around 30mg a day, while someone with the same issues weighing 100 pounds would take around 16mg. To learn more about the best dosages to take, you should check out the following link:

Why getting the dose right matters
An important point to bear in mind is that if a CBD dose is working for you then increasing it for no reason other than to get an even better effect is unlikely to work. (In some cases it can actually lessen the beneficial effect you had.)

In very basic terms, CBD works by attaching itself to receptors in the brain and body, and when you take the correct dose this is utilized fully by the right receptors for the job, (e.g. to help with appetite, sleep, pain). However, if you take too much the target receptors can’t absorb it all so the excess is offloaded to other receptors, and inevitably that means you may see effects you didn’t plan for, or want.

It may well take some research, experimenting, and time spent consulting experts before you can get the right consumption level of CBD for your situation and needs, but the effort is worth it for positive results in both the long and short term.