A Brief Look at C60 Olive Oil

C60, often known as fullerene or buckyballs, is an exceptionally potent antioxidant. Researchers have determined that it may contain the secret to a healthy and long life for people everywhere. Energy levels, sleep quality, pain relief, and even physical appearance have all been reported to increase among C60 users.

Just what is C60, exactly?

C60, or the “carbon cage,” is a molecule made up of 60 individual carbon atoms arranged in a spherical structure. The molecules are bonded in both hexagonal and pentagonal patterns, making for a very sturdy sphere. C60’s remarkable structural composition gives it a host of other properties, such as resistance to radiation and chemical corrosion as well as a remarkable lack of fragility even when subjected to extremely high pressures.

Holistic Medicine and C60

C60 can be administered topically or taken orally; however, for optimal absorption, it must be completely dissolved in another material. This molecule does not dissolve in water, however research has shown that it does dissolve entirely in olive oil.

Some Kind of Incredible Vitamin or Mineral Supplement

Together, olive oil and C60 form the century’s best antioxidant supplement, with efficacy that can be quantified in comparison to vitamin C and vitamin E.

It also helps prevent damage to cells caused by “oxidative stress.” When free radicals harm your body’s cells and tissues, it’s called oxidative stress, and it has a multiplicative effect on the aging process and health decline. By binding to free radicals and neutralizing them once they are clumped together, C60 prevents them from reacting with other cells in the body and causing damage. To lessen responses and inflammation, wait for C60 to travel through your system and then flush out the toxins, free radicals, and other harmful items it picked up along the way.

Fast Information About C60

Benefits the body by counteracting the effects of superoxides

Recent studies have shown that it can increase a rat’s life expectancy by as much as 90%.

Relieves arthritic discomfort.

Proven to lessen redness, swelling, and acne

Even though C60 oil has a wide variety of practical applications, researchers have barely scratched the surface of its potential. Although it was only discovered a few decades ago, it has already proven to be one of the most revolutionary changes to healthcare in the United States.