Changes to Elder Care Needed

Nadia Kiderman is a veteran of the healthcare industry with much to share in the form of expert commentary to the masses concerning the missteps that have been taken thus far concerning the mismanagement of the Coronavirus pandemic. Her commentary can be read on a variety of sites including Thrive Global, Times of Israel and many other noteworthy outlets, including Medium. Kiderman has been a passionate advocate for protecting our population’s most vulnerable, namely the elderly. 

During this pandemic, we’ve seen the longtime buildup of neglect on the part of nursing homes and assisted living facilities on the part of their executive teams, administrators and other senior staff members. Unfortunately, it  seems to have taken a pandemic of the scope of the Coronavirus for this to surface and get the public and media attention it  so readily and desperately deserved. 

Nadia Kiderman on Facebook has been a reliable and consistent voice for promoting the need for greater oversight of the elder-care industry; an industry that is in desperate need for reform. There have been decades of neglect on the part of not only the nursing home and elder care facilities’ senior leadership, but also our state, regional and even national lawmakers as it  pertains to properly regulating this industry. The protections that need to so badly be in place, are simply not there. And they should be. It  is inexcusable for this to persist and continue in the way it presently is. 

There needs to be a movement to communicate and transmit this message in a vocal fashion that is impactful and leads to real action that takes the shape and character of reform. This is the least we owe the older generation. Seeing them entrapped in elder care facilities that have become hotbeds of this pandemic has been nothing short of devastating and depressing beyond repair. 

There needs to be methodical and strategic approaches to implementation of these protocols. The protections that are currently in place in these elderly care facilities for residents are grossly inadequate. And of course, that much is evident based on the sheer number of fatalities that we are all reading about, as has been widely reported by the media. 

Nadia Kiderman expressed the need to redefine the ways that our government bodies are seeking to regulate these systems; to ensure compliance is not an abstract concept, but instead something that is being taken seriously- in the most professional of manners. There must be legal and other forms of recourse and repercussions in the event that nursing home and elder care facilities are not complying in a consistent fashion with the laws and regulations that have been set forth, in a way that’s meant to protect the elderly of our population.

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The residents of these facilities deserve to have us speaking out on their behalf in an effort to ensure they are being protected and secured in a way that’s commensurate with their age. Our obligations to the older generations must be taken seriously; and until they are, unfortunately it’s clear that the status quo will be maintained. So let’s change this paradigm to ensure that there are no more lives wasted and lost because of the absolute border-line abuse and neglect on the part of these elder care facilities and their senior leadership. Their feet must be held to the fire for the travesties of justice that in too many cases have transpired since this pandemic’s outbreak. There needs to be services put in place in these facilities to ensure the experience that residents have is enhanced as much as possible. The quality of their experience is in the public interest; not merely in the interest of members of the patient or resident’s families.

It’s only once we recognize this; that we will be able to properly make dramatic changes to an industry that is so terribly antiquated and even archaic in terms of its approach to providing healthcare. From the equipment in many of these facilities, to the ways the staff are trained to approach their care, there needs to be substantial adjustments made, that will have a real and substantive change and effect. Once these changes are made, we as decent human beings and good-citizens of our nation can feel at peace that our nation’s elderly are being taken care of.