Chiropractic Treatments for Pregnancy

Women and men have very different medical needs even at the chiropractor. Our bodies are constructed differently and have different types of stresses put on them, so it’s no surprise that women may benefit from different and specialized chiropractic treatments that are designed just for them.

All chiropractors are trained in treating women who are pregnant. Some even specialize in prenatal women’s issues. If you are expecting and are looking for a doctor that has specified training, you can visit a chiropractor in Lakeland FL for a consultation.

Your spine is the center of all the other functions in your body, and doctors believe that if there is a problem in the spine or nervous system it can affect other parts of the body as well. That is why keeping your back in good health can keep the other systems in your body working properly as well. Traditionally, most people only see a chiropractor when they already have an injury or pain. The truth is that regular visits to your chiropractor clinic can help you maintain your health, which is imperative especially during pregnancy.

Many chiropractors have adjustable tables that can accommodate a woman’s changing body during pregnancy to make your visits more comfortable. The body during pregnancy goes through many physical changes in a relatively short period, so it is vital that you consider your whole body health during this special time.

The largest change and the one that can cause the most discomfort is the added weight that a woman carries and where she carries it during her pregnancy. Anyone that is a mother can tell you stories about aching backs, ankles and feet. The shift in the center of gravity can be tricky for women to maneuver normally and it can cause stress to the spine and back tissues. A visit to the chiropractor can assure you that the added stresses of weight are not causing any alignment issues.

With the majority of this pregnancy weight being carried out front, it is unavoidable for most women to develop an increased curvature of the lower back. Leaning back helps women keep their balance better while trying to stand comfortably still. The last thing that a woman needs after giving birth is to have continuous back pain. This can be largely avoided by having a monthly adjustment done to keep things in check.

C-sections have become fairly commonplace today, and some women would actually prefer one over a natural birth. However, they are still very extensive and serious surgeries that can be dangerous and require a lot of recovery time. Essentially the c-section procedure should only be performed if there is an emergency during natural childbirth and the delivery needs to be done quickly for the health of mother and baby. The most common causes of c-sections are a breech delivery, or the child is in distress.

It may surprise you to know that regular chiropractic visit can actually reduce the likelihood that you will have difficulty during your labour. Proper alignment and spine health keep the rest of your body in good working order, but it can also help position your baby into the right place for delivery. Establishing proper pelvic balance can allow your baby to have enough room to move around as needed in the womb.

If you are expecting, talk to your chiropractor today to establish a healthy routine of appointments that can make your pregnancy more comfortable and joyful.

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