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  • The Reasons for Back Pain and Best Solutions

    Do you often suffer from back pain? Without a doubt, this fact does not give you to live well and be happy. Then it is time to pay your attention to this problem and try to find a reason. More and more people visit doctors to ask for a help because of strong pain in […]

  • 10 Stretches to Improve Back Pain at Your Desk

    There are many people out there who spend all day sitting at their desk at work. While you would think sitting all day is easy on the body, the truth is that it can put unexpected pressure on various parts of your body, which can get worse as time goes on. BC Back Clinic has […]

  • 4 Ways You Can Prevent Joint Pain

    Joint pain can be very uncomfortable regardless of where you are feeling it. It can either be acute or chronic and can arise from a number of factors including ailments such as osteoporosis, injuries or trauma among others. But, this pain can be prevented since it is said prevention is better than cure. Below are […]

  • Prescriptions or Natural Remedies: When Are They Appropriate?

    Chemotherapy is a must for fighting off cancer. The common cold can be weaned off with over the counter cough syrup. These and others are just a few marvels of modern medicine. But, are there any cures to be found in nature?     What we consider alternative medicine may have been legitimate centuries ago. Advances in […]

  • Finding the Best Way to Deal with Your Arthritis Pain

    When it comes to arthritis pain, it can be a debilitating health condition to deal with. The burning, throbbing pain can make it hard to get through basic daily activities. So, finding a solution to your pain and suffering is a priority.  The problem with arthritis is that there is no cure, but there are […]

  • Coping Methods you need to know if you have Chronic Pain

    According to the National Health Interview Survey, around eleven percent of all Americans suffer from chronic pain, putting the figure at around twenty-five million people. As a sufferer, you will already know that the experience of chronic pain is much different from that of acute pain, which is what most people will have at intervals […]

  • Can CBD Oil Tinctures Help With Pain? Reviews and Where to Buy

    Many people don’t believe when they are told that CBD oil is great to deal with pain. First question they make is: where do CBD oil come from? The answer is simple: it comes from hemp plants. Are CBD oil characteristic scientifically tested? Scientific investigations for the past 30 years have demonstrated that CBD oil […]

  • 7 tips to reduce workplace aches and pains

    For many workers, sitting or standing still for 7+ hours straight can have a very negative effect on the state of your body. Although you may think that aches, pains and fatigue are the result of heavy physical labour. It can equally be caused by stress and tension, which is what you put your body […]

  • 5 Things to look for when buying a patch to help with pain

    Pain can make you really uncomfortable. You may have to take painkillers which may have harmful chemicals, take long to take effect and only last for a short duration. This is where pain patches come in. When you use a pain relief patch, your pain decreases almost immediately, you do not ingest any chemicals, you […]

  • Can Medical Marijuana Help Patients Cope with Chronic Pain?

    Chronic pain affects 25.3 million American adults, according to data from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey. About 17.6% of American adults say they suffer with “severe levels” of pain on a regular basis. To combat the pain, doctors prescribe opioids. But a trend of overprescribing the drugs has led to a new epidemic. In […]