Colloidal Silver: What are the claimed health benefits?

The benefits of silver have been known for thousands of years. Even modern researchers confirm that It was used to control infections in ancient civilizations. As much as some have sought to negate them over almost the last century, mostly because of their intent on supporting the pharmaceutical industry and its chemical based medications, research has consistently shown that colloidal silver has the ability to boost and maintain the immune system, especially if taken as a supplement on a daily basis. 

Colloidal silver cannot be manufactured at home and reputable supplement manufacturers use pure silver suspended in water. When ingested the colloidal silver inhibits viruses, bacteria and fungi from utilizing oxygen, needed for them to survive, causing them to suffocate. 

Health benefits of Colloidal Silver

Bacteria, Viruses and Infections

Various researchers and doctors have documented how silver, a natural substance, can help fight disease and infections and how it should be replacing conventional medicines for a number of ailments. 

Resistance to antibiotics is causing an increased number of deaths because of antibiotic resistant infections. According to a recent report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the death rate from infections is approximately 23,000 annually. Incredibly, silver doesn’t create resistance or immunity and it kills organisms that cause infection, even the drug resistant MRSA (Staph) bacteria. The MRSA pathogen is believed to be responsible for a whopping 94,000 infections annually. Things like urinary tract infections, tonsillitis, toenail fungus and even STD’s are being tested these days, but historians would argue it has been done for hundreds of years – with alternative health practitioners believing strongly in it. 

While working at UCLA Medical School, Larry C. Ford, MD, established that the use of Colloidal Silver has no known side effects, while it also kills over 650 types of bacteria, parasites, molds and fungi. Most of these have the potential to cause serious diseases or infections. 

Colloidal silver supplements have also been shown to kill off viruses which are starved from their much needed oxygen supply. The anti-inflammatory effects and pro-healing properties of the precious noble metal  (not to be confused with a heavy metal) have also recently been documented by the US National Library of Medicine, and are believed to be the result of the use of Nanocrystalline silver-derived solutions, utilized in the better supplements available on the market. 

Sinus infections and allergies are also effectively tackled by the use of colloidal silver. This was also backed up a study which was published in the International Forum for Allergy and Rhinology in 2015. Common allergies and asthma are often caused by hidden infections from pathogens, according to the latest developments in the field. These infections, known as pseudomonas aeruginosa, can be destroyed by silver and sufferers taking the supplement see a huge improvement in their allergies. 

Everyone dreads the approaching winter and its imminent bouts of the common cold and flu. Proving the efficiency of taking a daily supplement of colloidal silver was not too difficult. A study of 100 under 12s, conducted by the NIH in 2011, divided the children into two groups.  All the children were suffering from nasal congestion due to the common cold. The first group was treated with a solution of silver and beta glucan, and the second with a saline solution. Both groups of children recovered, but the children treated with the silver made a complete recovery in less time. A silver supplement is also extremely beneficial in fighting bronchitis and pneumonia. 

Skin Conditions and Wounds

Silver in topical creams is beneficial for treating burns, thrush and periodontitis, while it also helps heal psoriasis and eczema. It was during his work as a surgeon that Robert, O. Becker also discovered that if silver ions directly came into contact with open, infected wounds, it not effectively killed infectious microorganisms that prevented the spread of infections, but also helped with the repair and re-growth of the human tissue and bone.  

Water purifier

One gallon of water can be purified by using three teaspoons of colloidal silver. In ancient times water was kept in silver urns to help keep it fresh and prevent parasites from forming. 

Understanding silver products

Silver solutions are not all the same and some can be toxic if consumed. Knowledge empowers the consumer to understand the best products to consume. Some of the available silver solutions are silver nitrates, ionic silvers, colloidal silvers, silver chlorides, and silver proteins. The only one of the above that is completely safe to use is colloidal silver. Only colloidal silver that is manufactured correctly, using strict guidelines can be considered safe. Silver nitrate is silver combined with nitric acid and is produced by the pharmaceutical industry and it is best to avoid it completely because long term use is known to damage the liver and kidneys, much like other pharmaceutical drugs. 

What else to know:

People also ask many related questions on this popular topic, for example: Can I breastfeed with colloidal silver?  And what is silver VS colloidal silver? Does colloidal silver ever expire? What is the best colloidal silver for me? Can I use it for a tooth pulp infection?  Can I buy the product in the UK, US or across Europe? Is there a colloidal silver gel on the market? If these are some of the questions you have – it is well worth reading a dedicated resource, such as Colloidal Earth, they also ship this popular 500ml Colloidal Silver product globally.

Final scoop:

Colloidal silver supplements that are manufactured by a reputable company offer health benefits that entail using a natural substance that is safe to use. Combining silver with pure water, results in the colloidal silver that is beneficial for everyone, a process that uses no chemicals and is totally environmentally friendly.