Common Reasons Addicts Delay Treatment

Deciding to enter rehab is perhaps one of the most difficult choices an addict must make. If they do not seek treatment, it is highly unlikely that they will be able to recover from their addiction. It is very common, however, for an addict to delay entering rehab.

The nature of addiction is for an addict to seek drugs at any cost. They fabricate many reasons for not entering rehab. Here are some very common reasons given for not seeking treatment or delaying recovery.

They do not think rehab works.

One of the major symptoms of addiction, and part of the recovery process, is dealing with relapse. Many addicts who need rehab have been to some kind of treatment center before and have since relapsed. They may use this as an excuse for not going to rehab, as they believe that the fact that they have relapsed means that rehab does not work for them. The fact is that all addicts are capable of recovering with the right treatment.

They do not want to jeopardize their job.

If an addict is someone who is very attached to their job, they may fear that leaving for rehab will mean sacrificing their work. Some addicts may even wrongly believe that their addiction is helping them cope with work or even making them better at what they do.

The fact of the matter is, however, that the cycle of use only goes down a destructive path. An addict’s career can truly only continue if they seek help for their disease.

They believe they can quit on their own if they want to.

This is perhaps one of the most common forms of denial in an addict’s vernacular. If an addict was able to quit, they would. The nature of the substance they are abusing may give them a false sense of confidence about themselves.

They may also harbor delusions about being in control because if they admit that they have a problem, they subconsciously know that they will have to stop using. All addicts need support of some kind to stop using. It is simply too difficult a task to conquer on one’s own.

The idea of therapy or being around others makes them uncomfortable.

Many addicts may claim to feel averse to the idea of seeking therapy. They may say that therapy makes them feel uncomfortable, or that that do not believe that therapy works at all. While therapy is much less effective if a person does not make a full effort to try it, working with a qualified counselor is almost always an effective means towards reaching sobriety.

A counselor knows about the roots of addiction and is very familiar with the thought patterns of recovering addicts. They know about the emotions and obstacles that may come up as a person gets sober, and will know how best to continue on down a path towards wellness.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, seek help immediately. Delaying will only cause more pain and suffering.

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