The Idiot’s Guide To Head Lice Explained

September is Back to School Month.  Our children will renew old friendships and make new friends, review past lessons and gain new knowledge.  It will truly be an amazing blend of the old and the new for them.

But there is one item, one stubborn companion that your children, and you, can do without.  And that’s why September is also Head Lice Awareness Month!

Head lice treatment may be an unfortunate part of your school routine; even the most careful and hygienic households are liable to this pest.  But head lice treatments are no longer the long, drawn-out, and expensive process they once were.  Modern technology has made these inconvenient guests completely eradicable.

In the past, harsh chemical shampoos and tedious mechanical procedures were mandatory to control the onset of head lice.  Treatment for head lice could be traumatic and frightening, certainly tedious, for children


The head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis) is efficiently built to occupy the human scalp.  It is not found on any other mammal.  It feeds on human blood, turning from a ghostly grey to a ruddy brown when it is engorged, and never larger than a pinhead.  It lays its eggs on individual hair follicles, using its own saliva as a sort of superglue that makes it difficult to dislodge the eggs.  Head lice removal should be done as soon as possible after the infestation is discovered; children begin to scratch their scalps so hard that they may inadvertently develop a skin infection from nail scratches.


While your child may surreptitiously rejoice in spending a few days out of school for head lice removal, you as a parent and as an employee, are not that thrilled with the prospect of eating up your time, using sick or vacation time, to deal with treatment for head lice.  Luckily, new technology, specifically the patented AireAlle’ system of hot air treatment, means that you don’t have to spend more than one hour for natural head lice removal.


Head lice cannot live for more than two days away from their heat source, the human scalp.  They die if they dry out or are exposed to excessive warm air.  Neither can their eggs hatch if they are too dry and too warm.  Companies that use the AireAlle’ treatment procedure can usually guarantee that all family members will be free from head lice within one hour.

The system uses a reverse vacuum process right in your home that blows warm, dry air through the hair.  The hair must be free of all chemicals and styling creams, but the length of hair will not matter.  This treatment is effective for children from the age of four on up to adults and senior citizens.  Treatment for head lice in those under the age of four usually consists of combing their hair with a fine tooth comb several times a day for several days to remove all lice and nits.


To keep your household free from head lice, encourage your children to never play with another child’s headgear.   Buy new caps and hats for your children as often as you do their toothbrushes –  recommended to be every six months.  You may also want to put pillow cases, sheets, and winter scarves through an extra wash cycle, using a color-fast bleach.  If your children wear baseball caps because of the extreme climate in your area, have the caps dry cleaned at least once in the fall and once in the winter.  These actions will definitely pull the Welcome mat out from under head lice!

Kimberly Pickens is the owner of No Nit Noggins Treatment Centers, which offers Professional Head Lice Removal Services using “Hot Air “in 30 minutes or Less in the Phoenix area.