COVID Testing/Vaccination and Telemedicine Scheduling Solution

During the early stages of COVID, organizations all over the world tried to come up with a quick and effective way to stop the virus from spreading by reducing the amount of human contact. In 2019, this was a major factor in the rise in popularity of online COVID testing scheduling systems. The healthcare industry has been improved by companies expanding the capabilities of the existing solutions.

In this article, we share Agiliway’s experience in developing a system to facilitate testing, the scheduling of vaccination appointments, and the processing of data. This one got going when COVID struck, but it has evolved into a scalable and adaptable system with vast healthcare implications.

Important Considerations When Building a Healthcare Platform

To meet the demands of the ever-evolving healthcare industry, it was essential from the outset to establish a solution that could be easily updated and expanded in the future. After the global panic caused by the COVID epidemic forced people into lockdowns, it became difficult to schedule medical appointments. What’s more, it was more perilous for those who belonged to high-risk categories if they were infected with the virus. Therefore, it was crucial to have a method that would enable lowering the danger of contracting the virus when visiting a hospital or healthcare provider. In addition, individuals required information on where and how to safely undergo testing or get vaccinations.

The team’s primary responsibility was to develop features that would:

  • include a calendar for scheduling testing and/or vaccination appointments;
  • provide a visual representation of where testing and/or immunization may be obtained;
  • give a tool for patients or insurance companies to pay for healthcare services;
  • streamline platform maintenance and update procedures as needed.

Important Features Built by the Agiliway Team

The development team’s major focuses have been on a scheduling and administration solution and a telemedicine instrument. The intention was to make it easier for healthcare practitioners, insurance companies, and patients to sign consent forms, handle payments, and set up remote access to patient records.

Agiliway team makes major applications of the product’s scheduling features that simplify many processes.

  1. An insurance payment processing API and data layer were built in Golang.
  2. Patients and medical personnel were allowed to enter, modify, and view insurance payment information.
  3. An external tool was incorporated into the product operations and returned the data to the system.
  4. An alert notification system was developed that sent out notifications to testing centers when an individual tested positive for COVID.
  5. All test results were gathered and handled to be used in generating reports for the data team regarding COVID pollution.
  6. A management app was built with authorization through Okta or Ping to oversee the entire operation.

The field of telemedicine is another important area for product development. Since the onset of COVID, it has been critical to find a way for patients to get in touch with their physicians without physically going to their offices or making virtual visits.

The system also creates a PDF for patients to have evidence of testing CLIIA letters and sends alerts to individuals who were tested and met the criteria and locations. Patients with positive test results are also notified and offered COVID tablets or other treatment options. It is up to the patient to decide whether to continue using the system or to make an appointment with a healthcare practitioner over the Internet since the therapy is not free. The Stripe payment mechanism is used for patients to prepay for their appointments. Users may then set up an account and see their complete medical records after making a payment. To better serve its users, the platform compiles post-visit statistics into business KPIs to better serve its users.


The Agiliway team has been assisting our client in developing and maintaining a platform for easy and rapid registration for COVID testing or immunization in the system, drawing on their significant expertise in developing healthcare solutions. Furthermore, support for registrations for additional vaccination/testing, such as monkeypox, is being added. This facilitates access to information about clinics that provide these services, the receipt of test results, and the confirmation of medical appointments at convenient times and places. Payment for medical services rendered is simplified using the platform’s built-in payment mechanisms for both patients and insurance companies.

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