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Dealing With Addiction In Recovery: Tips To Get Your Life Back

Addiction is something that so many people have to deal with themselves or via a family member. Getting sober as an addict is going to be very difficult as addicts base their lifestyle around their addiction. Living life in recovery can be a beautiful experience when done in a healthy manner. Some addicts switch their drug or alcohol addiction in for something else. This could be exercise or even a hobby. As long as they are doing something at healthy levels, then this can be considered a huge improvement. Heading to the gym daily is far better than heading to happy hour and staying until last call. The following are tips to deal with your addiction while you are in recovery. 

Keeping Yourself Busy With Healthy Activities

Exercise is going to be one of the best ways to reduce stress in a natural manner. Finding hobbies is another thing that you can do. Entering a social circle of others that are sober can be very wise. You do not want to put yourself in situations where you are tempted until you are very firm in your sobriety. There are some that can go to a bar without temptation at this point while others stay away due to what could potentially happen. 

Having Criminal Records Expunged

Criminal records are a factor in a lot of addicts keeping up their addiction. An addict might feel hopeless with a few convictions on their record which can make it difficult to get a job. Finding an expungement lawyer can be very useful. You don’t want your old life following you around in the form of convictions that occurred when you were deep in your addiction. Some crimes cannot be expunged but a number of them can after a period of time. 

Seeking Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counseling can be so important for people struggling to stay sober. There are underlying things that might trigger a person’s addiction to flare up again which need to be identified. Substance abuse counselors can help you identify these triggers and to set yourself up for success. You might be putting yourself in situations that can easily be avoided without even realizing it. 

Have Someone You Can Call

12-step programs have sponsors or someone that you can call in a time of need. There are times when all addicts struggle in recovery. This could be due to a lost romantic relationship or a loss of a family member. You want the person you call to give you advice or just need to be able to talk to comfortably. The person should not judge you but should also be very honest with you. Sponsors in these programs differ in quality as everyone has different approaches to maintaining their sobriety. Some might be the same and others might be wildly different. 

Addiction is something that you have to deal with daily. Take the time to plan out your week and identify times where it might be difficult. Understanding this is half of the battle as life is hard in sobriety but not nearly as difficult as when in active addiction.