Disability Support Available in NSW: Online Solutions

We are happy to see how much more inclusive society is today with regards to people with disability and in Australia, NSW is leading the way for disability support with an organisation called PHASE, or Perth Healthcare & Support Enterprise in full. There are two main service categories; community and home, both offering a wide range of care and support services for the disabled, with an emphasis on child disability support.

Community Access

Many disabled children lose out on social interaction and PHASE disability support plans in Perth include group activities where the child can mix and interact with other children that have some form of disability. It might be several times a week and there are some cool things to do, with qualified carers always in attendance. The carer is not there to do everything for the child, far from it, yet they are tasked with offering assistance when suitable and, of course, for safety reasons. It is important for a child with disability to become as dependent as possible and the carers focus on encouraging the kids to extend their abilities.

Home Services

If, for example, you needed someone to be with your son or daughter for a couple of days per week, the support organisation can send a qualified carer to your home. The first step would be to sit down with the agency and determine your goals and needs, then a care plan would be created, providing you and your child with the support you need. If you need to de-stress, here are a few tips from the experts.

School Holiday Programs

This can be a difficult time for the parent of a child with disability, which is why PHASE set up the school holiday inclusive programs, which gives your child a friendly and caring environment for the holiday period. Of course, it isn’t just a question of your child being safe and secure and part of the holiday program is setting goals for your child and helping them strive to achieve. You would sit down with the principal carer and work out short and long-term objectives and this plan would be the guideline for the classes.

Registered & Approved

It is crucial that any care giver be registered and state approved to work with the disabled and information about this can be found on the care-giver’s website. In many cases, a parent can claim government support for caring for a disabled child, which is something to discuss with the care organisation. Click here for further reading on people with disability from the Australian government.

Many parents require respite care to give them some time to relax and recharge batteries, which might be one day a week, when the care-giver can step in to give the parent a break. It is comforting to know that this service is available 24/7 and whenever you need a rest, the care-giver is only a phone call away; indeed, many parents use such a service as and when they require.