10 Negative Side Effects of Junk Food on Your Healthy Body


Most people are aware of the negative effects of junk foods. Yet, they neglect the facts as junk food is inexpensive and tasty. From chicken burgers to French fries, potato chips to soda, all of them are considered junk foods. It’s nothing but a poison that tastes great but creates major problems in your body. 

A survey proved that an average of 35,000 deaths in The United States is caused by excessive consumption of junk foods.

If you’re thinking about the category, then remember that every food which contains high sugar, salt, and carbohydrate can be considered as junk foods. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 negative effects of junk food on your body. When you’re done reading the article, you will realize why junk foods are so dangerous for our health.

Destroys Your Appetite

Probably the only advantage of junk food is that it tastes good and fills your empty stomach instantly for a long time. Thus you can spend your entire day easily without worrying too much about hunger. Maximum junk food contains high carbohydrate and fat that has negative effects on your system. But, if you consume junk food in a controlled manner, then it might become beneficial for you. It is good if you are constantly traveling as they can provide you a little amount of strength to carry on.

Affects Your Digestive Systems

One of the most dangerous effects of junk food is that it can create problems in your digestive systems. The digestive system keeps your body fit and healthy by burning down an excessive amount of carbohydrates. It also helps you to maintain the blood sugar level. However, when you eat an excessive amount of junk foods, the digestive system will stop working normally. This is because most of the junk food comes with a massive amount of carbohydrates that will undoubtedly tamper with the blood sugar levels.

Affects Your Respiratory System

Apart from digestive problems, junk foods also cause severe problems in your respiratory system. Research proved that children, who eat junk foods more than 3-4 times a week, are more likely getting asthma quicker than any other child.

It Causes Heart Disease

Another major drawback of junk food is that excessive consumption of junk foods can cause heart problems. When you eat junk foods more than 3-4 times a week, it will enhance your body’s cholesterol level as well as diabetes and other major problems such as obesity. When the obesity in your body increases, it will force your heart to confront a massive amount of pressure. Generally, people who consume excessive junk foods are more vulnerable to heart attacks than other people.

It Turns Your Skin Lifeless

It is also a common fact that junk foods affect the skin along with the heart and digestive system. This happens because the junk foods you love are the source of excessive carbohydrates that seriously increase the sugar levels in your body. When the sugar level in your body gets affected, it will unsurprisingly enhance the acne on your skin as well as other skin problems that will irritate you.

Enhance the LDL Levels

The cholesterol helps you to break down the fat and maintains the muscle growth in your body. However, when your cholesterol level is damaged, it won’t be able to maintain the blood sugar level that keeps your heart healthy. Apart from that, LDL or high-density lipoproteins, also known as bad cholesterol will take over your body and ultimately, your heart will face fatal consequences.

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Affects Your Kidney

All of these junk foods get converted into glucose and then transported directly into the kidneys. The kidneys face problems to annihilate them and hence, they start malfunctioning. Junk foods can also be a major reason for kidney failure.


According to Healthline, diabetes is one of the major side effects of junk foods. Foods with a higher amount of sugar such as candies, sweets, ice creams, and colas can pump a higher amount of glucose into the body. This can result in poor production of insulin along with an increase in blood sugar levels. Additionally, if you eat too many salted items, then your body will crave sugar. This is why excessive consumption of salted chips and other salted foods can enhance diabetes.

Increase the Blood Pressure Level

Junk food is responsible for increasing the blood pressure level by a huge amount. This effect generally lasts longer than the other and also makes you vulnerable to heart attacks. You may have a strong immune system due to your younger age, but there’s no doubt that it will easily affect your body. 

It Causes Tooth Decay

You may know that a tooth is the strongest enamel of the human body. But, when you eat excessive junk food, it will affect the enamel of your teeth. If you, unfortunately, lose your enamel, then your teeth can’t be fixed. Teeth are without a question a very crucial part of your body. So, if you lose your teeth, you will face major setbacks.


Here are the top 10 negative impacts of junk food on your body. It’s your responsibility to maintain your body. When you eat junk foods, you’re only putting yourself in the path of grave danger. So, while you’re still safe and healthy, try to limit your consumption of junk foods to lead a happy and healthy life.