Do You Have To Go To The Doctor When You Have A Cold?

We all know that a cold automatically means we will sneeze a lot, will cough and have a scratchy throat. It is also possible to have a really stuffy nose and have to deal with pains and aches. However, when can you move away from the natural remedies that you find from numerous websites (like Inspired Spot) and it is time to call a doctor?

Sometimes chicken soup will not offer any comfort and it is possible that you are dealing with more than a really easy to treat cold. You should always analyze your symptoms and observe patterns. Consider the following as the decision is made.

Chest Pain Or Breathing Problems Appear

A flu or a cold will not make you lose breath and your chest will not hurt. When you notice that these symptoms appeared there is a pretty good possibility you are faced with a problem that is much more serious like pneumonia, asthma or even heart disease. Do go to the doctor as soon as possible and in the event you are having big problems, you need to go to the emergency room.

Fever Does Not Improve

When fever is not disappearing no matter what you do there is a pretty high possibility there is another infection present that has to be treated. Try some over the counter medication that helps with fever and they are not working, you have to go to the doctor.

Having Problems Eating Or Keeping It In

The body requires fluids in order to properly work so if you do not manage to drink something without then vomiting there is no other option available except going to the doctor or even to the hospitals since you would need an IV to offer fluids.

Similarly, when you feel pain as you swallow, you may have to go to the doctor as this is not normal. The sore throat can appear and you can feel some pain but whenever the pain becomes severe, it is a sign that there is an injury or an infection the doctor will have to treat.

The Cough Does Not Disappear

When your cough does not disappear you may need to deal with postnasal drip, which is mucus that moves from the nose to the throat. The treatment is really simple as antihistamines are enough. However, the condition may also be linked with gastroesophageal reflux or asthma. This is why the doctor needs to be contacted.

Severe, lasting cough will be a very large symptom of suffering from whooping cough, which is a disease that is increasing its spread in the US at the moment. Whenever the cough continues for over 3 weeks the doctor should be visited.

Headaches Do Not Disappear

Allergies and colds that are blocking the nose can so easily turn into sinus infections. Whenever cold medicine does not offer relief you have to schedule a doctor appointment for extra treatment.